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Dim Mak – Knives of Ice

Guess what?! The time has come to speak about one of the best kept secrets in death metal.
Yes, I’m talking about Dim Mak. Dim who? Mak. No, not the Chinese Death Touch. I mean… yes and no.

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Sepultura – Dante XXI

Sepultura rocks, plain and simple, they always have and in my mind will always rock, now since the departure from Max Cavalera it has been a bit of a downhill battle, and worst is that they have the ability (well everyone except Max’s replacement) but they just did sub par work after sub par work, sure Max’s Soulfly has never been that impressive, but hell if you are going to keep the name at least keep it in the standard that Sepultura had all of us accustomed with, am i right?

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Coprofago – Unorthodox Creative Criteria

So I decided to review Coprofago latest work. My first contact with Coprofago was with the “Genesis” album. I didn’t like it at all. It was a major Meshuggah rip-off. I mean, even the vocals sound exactly like Jens Kidman. Not similar. Exactly the same. They had some ideas but 97% was all Meshuggah.

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God Forbid – IV: Constitution of Treason

Ohh Dear Lord, i’m tackling again the metalcore genre, well at least the kids from God Forbid are somewhat original and have a knack for tasty songs, yes metalcore, but just like nu-metal it doesn’t mean necessarily bad music, just that it seems to be the genre with the most mass appeal and therefore there seems to be a tendency for bad bands to flock to were the “appeal” is, anyway God Forbid have a good track record, especially because even though they aren’t the world’s greatest they do tend to make good albums, and as we can see later on, this one is a keeper.

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Cryptopsy – Once Was Not

“What the fuck happened to Lord Worm‘s voice???” That was my first comment on “Once Was Not” first play. The rest of the guys in Cryptopsy sound better then ever tough. They kept their characteristic style, but Worm, oh God. Oh well, I’ll ignore the vocals while trying to describe “Once Was Not”.

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Origin – Echoes of Decimation

First of all: Origin rocks! ^^ When I first heard “Informis Inifinitas Inhumanitas“, Origin’s second record, my left testicle just fell. Origin is extremely technical, brutal and fast. From shredding guitar riffs (not the Cannibal Corpse or Necrophagist kind of riffage) to inhuman drumming, Origin has it all.

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YOB – The Unreal Never Lived

Unfortunately, YOB has been disbanded early this year. “The Unreal Never Lived” is their 4th and latest album [2005].
OK, so why am I writing about this one year old record? Because it kicks major arse and all of you doom lovers should listen to it.

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Strapping Young Lad – The New Black

So… Mr. Devin Townsend is back again. No, I’m not going to review “Synchestra“. Yep, we have already another Strapping Young Lad album. Devin Townsend is doing albums (solo and with SYL) like there is no tomorrow. So lets play “The New Black”.

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