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Kingcrow – Insider

KINGCROW’S second full length release Insider is an ambitious concept album, similar in scope (and occasionally in style) to QUEENSRYCHE’S Operation: Mindcrime. The story of the album revolves around two lifelong friends who end up working for a large firm and accidentally stumble upon a plot to create an army of genetically engineered people to use for their own purposes.

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Bloodshed – Inhabitants of Dis

Assembled in 1996 by Mikael (drums) and Joel (guitar), they soon saw the band increase in number and consistence with the addition of Robin (bass and growls), Tommy (guitar) and Glenn (vocals). In the course of time they released the debut demo When the Night Betrays the Light (97), the following demo The Laughter of Destruction (99) and the Skullcrusher EP, featuring their by then present way of playing with certain MERCILESS, MARDUK and NILE influences. 2002 saw the outcome of their debut CD release via Code666: Inhabitants of Dis.

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Crimson Massacre – The Luster of Pandemonium

Yet another American Death Metal band reaches our headquarters and presents us with over 50 minutes of decaying madness. «Crimson Massacre? Who are these fellows? Now let’s just check their website and see what juicy information is there to be found.» But, alas, the thought of investigating the band’s roots and history was overcome by the complete lack of information currently characterizing the band’s (and label’s) website, so we will have to stick to the music.

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Cycles – Paradise / World of Sand

CYCLES were created in the relatively recent past and feature in the ranks former DOVE/ IN SOLITUDE drummer Augusto Peixoto. The present CD-Single is intended as a means of presenting the band to media and labels, while the debut Phoenix Rising is not officially released.

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Gnostic – Evoking the Demon

1997 watched the birth of many things evil in San Antonio, USA. One of them was performed by Obliterater and Necroghoul, being later completed by Lord Vistigium and Inferno. The attack upon humankind would be self-labelled ‘brutal fucking war metal’, a pompous way of saying raw Black Metal.

The gathering of murderous souls released ’98 demo Bloodwars of Heretic Supremacy, quickly followed by ’99 Necrobliteration promo. Then, after a carousel of adventures with labels, GNOSTIC agreed to have French Ordealis Records release two albums, the first of which is Evoking the Demon.

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Crystalmoors – The Unconquered Land

The Unconquered Land has a beautiful folk beginning, bards alike. CRYSTALMOORS play Pagan Metal as invoked by Uruksoth (vocals), Erun-Dagoth (guitar), Faramir (guitar and flute), Throrus (bass), Gharador (drums and percussion) and Gothmog (keyboards).

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Deforge – Freedom Release

ANONIMA DISASTRI were summoned in November 1997, and released ’99 demo Mankind Disaster and ’00 Silent Terror Inside. By the year 2002, ANONIMA DISASTRI took up the name DEFORGE. The first step after the new name was hitting the Temple of Sound Studios for the recording of Freedom Release.

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Labyrinthe – The Depths of Hell

So here we have Labyrinthe, hailing from the USofA formed by Mark de Gruchy on Vocals, Jason Mills on Drums, James Bumgarner on Guitar, Jason Keating on Guitar and Tyler Hall on Bass, from the first listen this is pretty much deathcore, but with a higher inclination to the death side of things, so here it is “The Depths of Hell”.

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