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About Soundcult

About Soundcult

Created in 2000 as a music community, with more than 4000 members it died for multiple reasons, being the most important one that some members were sharing albums and music without bands/label permission, so the site was shutdown for a couple of months and brought back in 2006 when the admin (fiend) decided to bring it back as music podcast/sharing site, with the hope of rebuilding the community he had lost ^_^ the end…or is it?

So yeah the site prospered again, and evolved into a review site, one were we dont sugar coat the reviews, were we actually talk about albums we dont like so yeah it turned into the beast it is today muhahahah, still lots of great reviews and lots of silly antics, the site eventually was refreshed into the current version, with more things coming everyday ^_^

Around 2011 with more than 11 years of existence, we decided to refresh it again with a brand new design, refresh content and a wish for 10 more years of idiocy hehehe!

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