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Dark Tranquility and Sonata Arctica joined forces for Heavy Metal Poker Tournament

Yeah sounds weird, but seems to be a trend nowadays and in some ways a chance to branch out to new and old fans and maybe get paiiiidddd! Also it seems Nuclear Blast was getting in on the action (and you guys now im a Meshuggah fiend, so yeah whatever Nuclear Blast is in ill take a look see), so here is the gist of it…

Much like how the New Wave of British Heavy Metal tore up the early 80s metal scene and spawned a whole legion of new metal-heads in its wake, the 2003 poker boom also opened up the tournament circuit to up and coming poker players as well as veteran grinders.

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Anthrax – Worship Music

Anthrax released their latest album entitled “Worship Music” late last year and many wondered whether the album would be worth the 8 year wait. There has been more drama revolving around this album than a JR High School dance. Everything from a revolving door of vocalists to complete direction changes made some fans think that this release was never coming.

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