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Its on!

Yeah yeah i know, but ill start clearing out the backlog of reviews and albums to review in the next week or so, as of now i have 43 albums to review on my mail and 13 on cd from snail mail, the real life "sending cds through the post" take priority cause the bands had to pay to send it to me, but ill get through all of them ^_^ have a good one.


Sorrows Path – The Rough Path Of Nihilism

Humm got this preview from Sorrows Path new album “The Rough Path Of Nihilism”, not too sure if its that rough of a path, well maybe im wrong hehehe, but anyways lets check out Sorrows Path album, they seem to originate from Greece, and play a sort of Power Doom Metal fusion, from my initial listen and my natural negative bias towards Power Metal, i have to say that this Rough Path Of Nihilism is quite a easy listen, so lets get into it, shall we!

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New Soundcult

Ahhh ^_^ those were the days hehehe, well Soundcult is back, i know i know, but everyone has been super busy, so the site is back, new face, new functions, same fucking kick ass attitude, so everyone will have a nicer time insulting the reviewers >_< or well maybe just me hahahah have a awesome one and lots of new stuff coming up!


Straighthate – Indigenous

Well who are Straighthate, well they come from Greece, uhhh nice place for a vacation, but who cares who they are, we are here to talk about their latest album, that they gave me a copy, how nice of them heheh, called “Indigenous”, the music fits into a kinda “Death Grindcore Hardcore Metal” thing, just like they say on their website, again, how nice, lets check to see if the music is nice as well, shall we.

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Happy Happy Times

Well, seems we got frozen for our host for vidcult... so vidcult got killed, sorry about that everyone, but well now its back up online, a bit diferent... now it will only host live video ^_^ also sorry about the lack of updates, other priorities hehehe


Small Update

Just finished reworking on the comment system, it should be much nicer and simpler to comment now, ohh and color coded, so users have a grey border and admins/editors have the trademark soundcult green ^_^ enjoy


Meshuggah – Obzen

Meshuggah “Obzen”, ahhh it just flows out so sweetly, well here we go, first of all i would like to say, kind of like a disclaimer that Meshuggah might be my all time favorite band, so please take that into consideration with the review to this piece of shit… wait… maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, i get this very strange vibe, just like with Tool‘s 10000 Days, that the hype did not help at all, well lets start from the beginning, Meshuggah hail from Sweden and play “normally” a form of metal i like to describe as math metal (just like there is math rock) even though i like to call it calc metal, but if you want a more precise category i would say progressive death/thrash metal (wikipedia decided to call this avant-garde metal or experimental metal, but well we all know wikipedia is apparently filled with a bunch of crack heads that think that editing a piece of text on a website makes it true, fuck them), and their new album is out and its called Obzen, we have previously reviewed their albums Nothing and Catch 33, so lets get into it, shall we.

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Divine Heresy – Bleed The Fifth

Humm Divine Heresy’s “Bleed The Fifth”, of course i had to talk about Divine Heresy, after i knew that Dino Cazares of Fear Factory fame had a new band and that it was kinda deathmetalish and that it had Tim “The Missile” Yeung on the drums and on the bass Joe Payne from Nile fame (even though he had no part in the making of this album), and some metalcore guy for vocals, well thats a kick ass lineup, but as well we all know sometimes a great team doesn’t play a great game hehehe, so i guess Divine Heresy play above all else Melodic Death Metal, with a lot of touches of Deathcore and Metalcore, sounds good to me… well we will see.

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