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Vidcult is Online

Well, still in a beta status (there are some refinements), but for now its the official soundcult forum as well as the place for all videos and media regarding the bands that we review here ^_^ heheeh so go to and enjoy.... any problems or questions or whatever, just contact me there also from now on to comment on soundcult you have to have a Vidcult ID (just sign up on vidcult for one), sorry but it helps to join both the site here and the network there, more news soon.


Melechesh – Emissaries

Uhh Melechesh, even though i was going to review this, still someone had to tell me i HAD TO REVIEW THIS ONE, so ok… here it goes, Melechesh hails from Jerusalem but its actual headquarters are in the Netherlands, playing a self titled “Mesopotamian Metal”, well i don’t know about the self titled genres… a bit more and well see a bunch of bands saying ohhh no we play “Manhattan Death” or Amazoniancore hehehe, so for everyone that finds that silly, we’ll just call it a fusion of Black Metal with traditional Middle Eastern instruments, well lets have a listen, shall we.

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Machine Head – The Blackening

Oh Machine Head?, do you like good music?… then probably you don’t know Machine Head too well hehehe since hummm since The Burning Red… i just don’t give a fuck, their albums sounded like thrash, but they were mostly… how can i put this gently… shit? a big pile, well more because they had such an interesting first album, that everything after that should have been at least somewhat good, seems not, so… after 2 or 3 albums, here comes “The Blackening” (and i’m only reviewing this cause a friend told me i should check it out).

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Dew-Scented – Incinerate

Seems Death/Trash is in, Dew-Scented are a German Death/Trash outfit, kinda blasting growling kind of thing hehehe, not that that’s bad at all, hehehe, so here comes “Incinerate”, lets have a look to see how it handles itself.

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Diskreet – Infernal Rise

Ahh back to some headbashing hehehe, Diskreet is kind of the new wave of death metal, it has a more hardcore/grindcore feel to it, and not so much a leaning technical ability, nevertheless they hail from Kansas USA, and that might mean something to be mad about muahhaha.

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Car Bomb – Centralia

Oh dear… this is one those albums that’s hard as hell to review but oh so fun to listen to… if that doesn’t abode well for Car Bomb (nice name by the way… kinda appropriate) i don’t know what will, so Car Bomb is what i would call a Mathcore band, following the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Psyopus… so lets have a look see.

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Blinded Colony – Bedtime Prayers

Seems I’m going from A to Z, well anyway here is the “new one” from the Swedish Blinded Colony, hmmm a bit of “Gothenburg” style of music, humm, first of all after a couple of listening although it sounds a bit like a more hardcorish form of Soilwork or In Flames (and lately i haven’t been that impressed with both this bands), well lets just sink our teeth on this one.

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Beneath The Massacre – Mechanics Of Dysfunction

Hehe, well i had plenty of time with this almost played it non stop on a 3hour flight, so first of all this is the first album for this Montreal, Canada outfit, damn after Unexpect i kinda always expect great things from Canada hehehe, this is technical death metal with some twists and kinks, shall we get into it.

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