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Perditor – In Signo Suo

PERDITOR was founded in 1997 by Azazel (bass, vocals) and Lord Sauron (guitar). Very much based upon the Satanist thought commando, the first demo Hell on Earth came out in 2000, featuring Vulgaris on drums. Several line-up changes afterwards, 2001 saw the release of Perdition, the demo that signed the band to Ordealis Records, through which they released yet this In Signo Suo.

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Gorath – Elite

Following the early demos and split release material, GORATH’s Belgian BM is back with the first full-length via Black Owl Records, after the rave reviews to The Blueprints of Revolution (2004).

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Lex Talionis – The Supreme Aggression

The first few notes of Endless End clearly depict LEX TALIONIS as an experimentalist technical band verging on the industrial. And what is more, the whole album is faithfully portraying the quality of LT’s music. A significant influence of classical music also plays its role here. It takes some time to be fully digested, but this is one of the most interesting albums of 2003. In fact, I cannot quite remember the last time I heard something like this from French shores.

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Pest – Vado Mori

The Grave seems to have been positively flooded with decently above the average BM releases in the last couple of weeks. That two of the albums have been released by Ketzer Records cannot be just a coincidence.

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Kryoburn – Enigmatic Existence

In a remote region somewhere in Carlsbad, New Mexico (not Germany), four souls gathered to form KRYOBURN. Despite the distance, the heavier music broke boundaries and transfigured into classic madness.

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Maple Cross – Next Chapter

A black CD in a black and white environment – MAPLE CROSS set themselves to presenting oppositions in their The Next Chapter. Fortunately, their intention is not contrary to excellent playing skills and song-writing!

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Magnum – Brand New Morning

The Grave is going traditional. Older fellers may have heard the name before – UK’s prog rock MAGNUM have been around since 1976 and have released a good number of albums by now. Core members Bob Catley (vocals) and Tony Clarkin (guitar) come back mightily accompanied by Mark Stanway (keyboards), Harry James (drums) and Al Barrow (bass).

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V/A Choosing Death – The Original Sountrack

Extreme metal journalist Albert Mudrian is also known as the author of “American Hardcore and Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground”. Of late Mudrian has also become known for his latest book – that goes by the title of “Choosing Death: An Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore”.

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