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Gholgoth – Somnus Mortis Imago

GHOLGOTH were founded in late 1998 by Zoltan Molnar (vocals), Zsolt Temesváry (bass) and guitarist Attila Torday (guitars). Endre Vigh (drums) and second guitarist Tibor Kovacs (both belonging to DIAFRAGAMA) joined the ritual and released the ’00 demo Visional Inertia. The current line-up has Laszlo Kliment replacing Attila the Hun (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

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Angst – In hoc Signo Vinces

Swedish city Norrköping witnessed the birth of ANGST in 2002, from the ashes of a project called ONDSKE. As ANGST, no longer a one-man band, three releases have already seen the dark of night: Divine Wrath (demo, 2003), Lykania (EP, 2004) and the present debut full-length In hoc Signo Vinces (2005, Black Attakk).

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Valinor – It is Night

Despite not being major stars in their native country (Poland), VALINOR (no, this is not a Power metal band inspired by Tolkien’s Middle Earth) are steadily rising from the shadows to take their place in the metal scene with a proposal that features elements of symphonic, fantasy and a nice amount of good ideas.

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Damnation – Resurrection of Azarath

All hell breaks loose – especially since DAMNATION saw Resurrection of Azarath released, a compilation and celebration of the good old DAMNATION times. There are no new tracks here, only a selection of past hymns, as well as some rare and previously unreleased songs.

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Forsaken – Anima Mundi

FORSAKEN hail from Malta and Anima Mundi is their second album through Golden Lake Productions. And Epic Doom is brilliantly represented by this constellation of 5 musicians, for Anima Mundii is still better than Iconoclast.

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Mithras – Forever Advancing… Legions

From the ashes of IMPERATOR arise MITHRAS, easily one of UK’s most promising Death Metal acts. Forever Advancing… Legions follows the steps of their MCD Dreaming In Splendor, improving it at all levels, including those of skill and mood.

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Godless Truth – Arrogance of Supreme Power

That the Czech Republic has some supreme Death Metal bands goes without saying. GODLESS TRUTH are one of the examples of thriving bands with an envious amount of experience on the way. The album department features Desperation (1998, Deadsun Records), Burning Existence (1999, Deadsun Records) and Self-Realization (2001, Shindy Productions). Live experience is not lacking either, having opened for acts such as INVERACITY, VOMIT REMNANTS, DISGORGE (usa), amongst others.

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Karl Sanders – Saurian Meditation

Let us skip the biographical notes on the artist. Virtually everybody into Death Metal (and not only) is well aware that Karl is the mastermind behind the glorious NILE.

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