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Vahladian – Vahladian

VAHLADIAN are not coming from Valhalla, although they certainly seem to be heading that way. September 1999 watched the planting of a seedling that blossomed in May 2002, by establishing a line-up consisting of Alberto Cases (bass), Alfonso del Corral (guitar), Carlos Ribes (guitar), Jlián Campos (drums), José M. Cebrián (vocals) and Pablo Barrios (keyboard).

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Death du Jour – Fragments of Perdition

DEATH DU JOUR was conjured up by TK (guitar, vocals), OM (guitar, backing vocals), PB (bass) and TF (drums) in early 2000 and have already a debut EP on the way (Gamashinoch). Fragments of Perdition follows on the path shown in the debut, but the approach is more technical, more chaotic, grinder and heavier.

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D’Evil Leech Project – Bleed your Mind

The band now known as D’EVIL LEECH PROJECT was born under the black mark of the year 1994. Back then, the moniker was DEVILEECH and the debut album (Leechtron, 1999) brought forth a band simultaneously aggressive (Death Metal vein) and slightly industrial (not only due o some of the musical passages, but also because the band has rejected the human drummer from an early stage, in favor of a sequencer).

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Acheron – Decade Infernus

ACHERON is one of the oldest Satanic Death Metal bands in existence. Reverend Vincent Crowley is the frontman and responsible for the uttering of many blasphemies throughout the ages and the band’s 15 years of existence. The aforementioned is also a member of the misanthropic band WOLFEN SOCIETY.

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Krieg – Destruction Ritual

Destruction Ritual is Krieg‘s acclaimed full-length… but I would say it is pushing it a bit too far calling this a “full-length” recording: 4 of the songs are included in The Church and I believe most of the remaining songs are re-recordings of old demo tracks. But okay, let us call it a new album for the moment and move on to what Imperial (guitars, vocals, effects) and Duane Timlin (session drummer) brought forth, with a little help from Judas Iscariot‘s Akhenaten in the engineering of the album.

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Acheron – Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood

Acheron should be a reference band as regards music and ideology to a number of (satanic) Death and Black Metal bands out there. I have not exactly been a regular follower of the band, but I do recognize the importance (or lack thereof) of Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood.

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Shadows Fall – The War Within

Shadows Fall hail from Massachussets and are probably still counting the damage done by Ivan the hurricane by now. Premiered in the music market with 97s Somber Eyes to the Sky (Lifeless Records), the band was represented by Century Media from the 2000 Of one Blood album on then came the 2001 Deadworld EP, 2002 Fear Will Drag You Down, 2003 The Art of Balance and the present freshman in so prolific a career: 2004 The War Within. Shadows are currently FALLing over Brian Fair (vocals), Matthew Bachand (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Donais (leas guitar, vocals), Paul Romanko (bass) and Jason Bittner (drums).

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Abominattion – Doutrine of False Martyr

Back in 1994, sill under the moniker Anesthesia, Abominattion released the first demo, Burning Souls, which was warmly received by fans and press. 1998 set the stage for the second demo, Hated by the Flames, followed by 2000’s Rites of the eternal Hate (CD) and 2001’s Doutrine of False Martyr (spelling mistake included^). Animated Records re-released the latter, 3 years after the original album, with two bonus tracks (Eternity’s Defy and Devastated World).

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