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Crowbar – Lifesblood For The Downtrodden

A Crowbar DVD is on it’s way, but meanwhile, here it is “Lifesblood for the Downtrodden”, Crowbar’s latest record.

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Negativa – Negativa

Do you know Gorguts?! Luc Lemay is back with Negativa, his new project.

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Meshuggah – Nothing

Meshuggah are back! Well, not really. They just released “Nothing” again. So… Is it just another stupid re-release in digipack with a Japanese bonus track? No, this is a remastered version of “Nothing”. Well, to be honest, remastered version do suck most of the times. Let’s see what about this one!

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By Night – A New Shape of Desperation

By Night is one of the bands that I include in the Meshuggah wannabes pot [like Textures and, mostly, Coprofago]. They are in the pot, but not as deep as Textures and, surely, not in the same way as Coprofago [the Meshuggah clones]. Well, to be honest, they are barely in the pot, and that’s why I like them. They have Meshuggah influences, sure they do, but the overall is way beyond that. Maybe is their melodic side, I don’t know. There’s something in this guys that’s really special.

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Lamb of God – Sacrament

Lamb of God did OK with their second album. “As The Palaces Burn” was my first contact with LoG. It’s a very nice record. It’s like Pantera meets Meshuggah kind of record. Their third album, “Ashes of the Wake” did nothing to me. I played the record over and over but nothing got my attention. I think of it like the leftovers from “ATPB”. There’s one or two good tracks but the rest is just the same thing over and over. I didn’t expect much from “Sacrament” because of that. And don’t expect much from a record is normally a good thing. If the record is good that’s a nice surprise, if it’s bad, well, I didn’t expect much anyway so…

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Vader – Impressions in Blood

Vader is back with another album. This guys record new material like if there is no tomorrow. I bet that, in less then one year, I will be already reviewing another Vader EP.
So… carrying on the Vader’s tradition – making albums between EP’s, or vice versa – we now have the “Impressions in Blood” album [previous Vader’s work was the “The Art of War” EP].

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Dim Mak – Knives of Ice

Guess what?! The time has come to speak about one of the best kept secrets in death metal.
Yes, I’m talking about Dim Mak. Dim who? Mak. No, not the Chinese Death Touch. I mean… yes and no.

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Coprofago – Unorthodox Creative Criteria

So I decided to review Coprofago latest work. My first contact with Coprofago was with the “Genesis” album. I didn’t like it at all. It was a major Meshuggah rip-off. I mean, even the vocals sound exactly like Jens Kidman. Not similar. Exactly the same. They had some ideas but 97% was all Meshuggah.

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