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Category: metal

Blinded Colony – Bedtime Prayers

Seems I’m going from A to Z, well anyway here is the “new one” from the Swedish Blinded Colony, hmmm a bit of “Gothenburg” style of music, humm, first of all after a couple of listening although it sounds a bit like a more hardcorish form of Soilwork or In Flames (and lately i haven’t been that impressed with both this bands), well lets just sink our teeth on this one.

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Beneath The Massacre – Mechanics Of Dysfunction

Hehe, well i had plenty of time with this almost played it non stop on a 3hour flight, so first of all this is the first album for this Montreal, Canada outfit, damn after Unexpect i kinda always expect great things from Canada hehehe, this is technical death metal with some twists and kinks, shall we get into it.

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Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects – Sol Niger Within

This is the kind of album that’s hard to review… well because it’s so awesome, i know, i know, so instead of going on a rant fest and just saying good things about everything, i’ll just give a quick and dirty review, i’ll try and talk about the things i like the most and a bit of the background.

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Krieg – Destruction Ritual

Destruction Ritual is Krieg‘s acclaimed full-length… but I would say it is pushing it a bit too far calling this a “full-length” recording: 4 of the songs are included in The Church and I believe most of the remaining songs are re-recordings of old demo tracks. But okay, let us call it a new album for the moment and move on to what Imperial (guitars, vocals, effects) and Duane Timlin (session drummer) brought forth, with a little help from Judas Iscariot‘s Akhenaten in the engineering of the album.

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Acheron – Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood

Acheron should be a reference band as regards music and ideology to a number of (satanic) Death and Black Metal bands out there. I have not exactly been a regular follower of the band, but I do recognize the importance (or lack thereof) of Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood.

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Behemoth – The Apostasy

Oh Jesus… Behemoth has a new album, for anyone that weren’t paying attention Behemoth’s last album “Demigod” was actually the first review on Soundcult, so it’s my pleasure to again grace myself in the presence of awesomeness … heheh maybe yes, maybe no, there are big shoes to fill after “Demigod”, again it seems we are in the irreligious theme, so let’s see how good is “The Apostasy”.

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Aborted – Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Ov..

Tchhh Nowadays Death Metal, kinda like Metalcore/Deathcore are getting pretty weird, bands are having problems keeping fresh and spend their time reworking other bands stuff, so in this context Aborted brings a new album, Aborted come from the Death Metal Grind School humm kinda like Carcass, hailing from Belgium, kinda playing a blast beat screaming brutal death metal, so what does Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture brings to this already filled table… (oh and nice album name… funny).

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Ministry – Rio Grande Blood

Ohh dear lord Ministry is back…wait that sounded kind of blasphemous, maybe that’s just me, any way encase you don’t know, Ministry is a Industrial Rock/Metal band, i say Industrial because they pretty much created the genre (even though they didn’t run with it), well before I start ranting about Rio Grande Blood, I’ll just add that although I’m somewhat a “fan”, i was never engaged by Ministry, the music is overly simplistic for my personal taste, it’s weird since i tend to think of them as a great band…

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