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Category: metal

Misery Signals – Mirrors

Hardcore and Punk never brought to the table complex playing or technical ability, it’s not in their nature, but their basis of raw energy and aggression do infuse other genres and metalcore being what it is incorporates (ones more than others) the core part more seriously, that mixture of ability and pure hardcore energy can be found on some one like Misery Signals.

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The Autumn Offering – Embrace the Gutter

Ahh, The Autumn Offering? hailing from sunny Florida? and I’m doing this review closer to winter?, well anyway, with such a name what can you expect… you guessed it right, Metalcore, sure they add a lot of other things, and you can cut it anyway you like it, but it’s Metalcore with bit of other things, this is their second album “Embrace the Gutter”, let’s see if its any good.

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Kylesa – Time Will Fuse Its Worth

With my last surge throughout the bowls of Sludge Metal, i guess it was time to talk about Kylesa, they play a more by the numbers form of Sludge, truer to the purest form of Sludge, mixing in some way Doom Metal, Hardcore Punk and Stoner Metal, with a couple of twists and turns in between. So what “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” is all about?

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Intronaut – Void

Intronaut play a interestingly mix variety of music, i would put them in the alternative/progressive metal/rock arena, close in resemblance with what Mastodon excel at, maybe a bit less overwhelming, i don’t know if i would fit it into the sludge category as well, nevertheless loads of skill and sprinkles of loads of genres popping in and out, so how does “Void” fit into this?

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Urgehal – Goatcraft Torment

Opening track “Goatcraft Torment” starts up with “This is Satanic Black Metal”, so i guess they play…Satanic Black Metal? good to know, i won’t have to spend a couple of minutes figuring out what the heck are they playing, not that i have anything against black metal or now that i think of it Satan, i just think that’s silly to coin yourself from the get go, does it mean that all the tracks will be about Satan? like “ahh Satan took a shower GRRR and ate some infidels christians for breakfast YARRR” wait, now that i think of it…. that would be cool, well let’s head back to Urgehal‘s “Goatcraft Torment”.

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Amoral – Decrowning

Why Amoral?, Well because I’ve just talked about Scar Symmetry, and although they have a lot in common they are two very different breeds, both i would call melodic death metal, although in this case Amoral go for a more technical death metal/thrash combo that gives a bit more bite and interest, and downplaying all the way the melodic part, that’s all good, but how good is “Decrowning”

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Scar Symmetry – Pitch Black Progress

Scar Symmetry hail from Sweden and as you would expect they play a by the numbers melodic death metal, the only difference between them and the rest of the pack is that they go to an extreme, from a guttural neck breaking death metal to hyper melodic clean vocals, in a world where melodic death metal is synonymous with In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, were the formula is almost to shout your way through to a clean vocal chorus, it’s actually refreshing to see a band play death metal with melody, so let’s have a look at what “Pitch Black Progress” has to offer.

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Mastodon – Blood Mountain

From sea huntin to mountain tracking, what can i say, new album from Mastodon, incase you don’t know Mastodon, let me tell you, the name fits the music, their sound is like the prehistoric mammoth like animal, you know, big and hairy, scary tusks, well they play a kind of Technical Heavy Metal band, that mix loads of different genres and styles, from Progressive Rock/Metal to Thrash Metal, from Hardcore to Power Metal, from Sludge Metal to Southern Rock, with memorizing odd ball jazz like drumming (their best feature in a long list of excellent features) and complex heavy guitar riffing, so a new album is here “Blood Mountain”, I’m wondering how it will fare against their critically acclaimed (including myself) last album “Leviathan”.

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