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Its on!

Yeah yeah i know, but ill start clearing out the backlog of reviews and albums to review in the next week or so, as of now i have 43 albums to review on my mail and 13 on cd from snail mail, the real life "sending cds through the post" take priority cause the bands had to pay to send it to me, but ill get through all of them ^_^ have a good one.


New Soundcult

Ahhh ^_^ those were the days hehehe, well Soundcult is back, i know i know, but everyone has been super busy, so the site is back, new face, new functions, same fucking kick ass attitude, so everyone will have a nicer time insulting the reviewers >_< or well maybe just me hahahah have a awesome one and lots of new stuff coming up!


Happy Happy Times

Well, seems we got frozen for our host for vidcult... so vidcult got killed, sorry about that everyone, but well now its back up online, a bit diferent... now it will only host live video ^_^ also sorry about the lack of updates, other priorities hehehe


Small Update

Just finished reworking on the comment system, it should be much nicer and simpler to comment now, ohh and color coded, so users have a grey border and admins/editors have the trademark soundcult green ^_^ enjoy


Vidcult is Online

Well, still in a beta status (there are some refinements), but for now its the official soundcult forum as well as the place for all videos and media regarding the bands that we review here ^_^ heheeh so go to and enjoy.... any problems or questions or whatever, just contact me there also from now on to comment on soundcult you have to have a Vidcult ID (just sign up on vidcult for one), sorry but it helps to join both the site here and the network there, more news soon.


Happy Holidays

Yeah i know, smalish updates, here and there, but now i've got real hard news ^_^; there will be a bunch of reviews coming in the next couple of days, also Vidcult is online, but still invite only and i'll be making some improvements all round, hehehe good times are coming *Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year*


Back to Business

Sorry for the lack of updates, a lot to do and at least i was outside of my own country, however i'm back and so are the reviews, loads of albums to review hehehe, any problems any questions any thing... just complain to my nick and yes my nick is fiend ... blahhhh ^_^;


Review Bonanza^2

There will be a at least a new review every day from today until the new year ^_^.oO(at least from me), when we unveil the 2.0 full features of the new soundcult site... say what? hehehe, just kidding, well yeah on day 1 there will be a couple of new things, so a lot of fresh stuff comming up ... hummm coming? we come, you come, we all came...


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