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Fractal Illusion

Yeah, a bit of lack of updates, busy times hehehe, but for my part there's two new today and maybe a new one tomorrow, i did some updates on the code and fixed a couple of small bugs (especially for the people on 800*600) any problems, ideas or whatever you can send me a mail to P.S.: We are always looking for new editors, especially if it's not for metal hehehe, yeah we all love metal ^^


Syd Barrett [1946-2006]

"Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett has died at his Cambridgeshire home from what is believed to be complications from diabetes. The 60-year-old, who suffered a breakdown in the Sixties following his use of LSD, had been a virtual recluse for more than three decades after completely withdrawing from the public spotlight in the early Seventies." [taken from] Roger Keith Barrett left us a legacy of about 55 songs. Here is a sample player from his first album "The Madcap Laughs". Shine on You crazy Diamond...


Welcome to Soundcult



Hurray, were back, and this time for good, for now this will only be a podcast, i’ll inprint a forum in the next few monts (i hope) so for now Welcome and Enjoy…

Ohh and sorry if anything is not working as it should or if the site is down, this is as always a work in progress, also if you want to become an editor, just comment this post and i’ll get to you, thank you for visiting SoundCult.

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