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Become an Editor on Soundcult

Become an Editor on Soundcult

Need a place to vent your reviews? A place that doesn’t really care if your review is positive or negative, a music review site that doesn’t sugar coat where all reviews start with 3 stars! Then we want You!

This work pretty simply, Soundcult uses WordPress a very simple and easy CMS, to become a editor you just need to send a review to , if the review is good, we will publish it and give you an account so you can just sign up in the future and publish yourself, its that easy.

The rules are also simple, you can review whatever kind of music you want, only post tracks that are available freely online or tracks authorized by the band, it has to be in English, that’s it!

When we give you an account we also will provide you with some instruction on how to use WordPress and Soundcult, but that’s like a 5min thing hehehe, thanks and see you soon.

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