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Aborted – Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Ov..

Aborted – Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Ov..

Tchhh Nowadays Death Metal, kinda like Metalcore/Deathcore are getting pretty weird, bands are having problems keeping fresh and spend their time reworking other bands stuff, so in this context Aborted brings a new album, Aborted come from the Death Metal Grind School humm kinda like Carcass, hailing from Belgium, kinda playing a blast beat screaming brutal death metal, so what does Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture brings to this already filled table… (oh and nice album name… funny).

Well the album starts with “The Chondrin Enigma”, and i might say it surprised me, sure it has blast beats all over the place and not overly complex but it doesn’t stay a lot on the same place so it’s got a nice flow with some flourishes and some slow downs for more breakdown kind of thing, with a smallish guitar solo, it all fits pretty well, i like it, “A Metodical Overture” works pretty well as well still a lot of blasting, but with some nice touches here and there, “Avenious” slows it down … humm to almost melodic death metal, little blasting… sounds more like just plain vanilla Death Metal hehehe, still they cut the blasting for more groove, not too bad, but could be better, “The Spaying Séance” brings blasting back, and it goes on pretty straight forward, a bit boring in some places… “And Carnage Basked in it’s Ebullience” starts slow to some… humm this one is weird, a lot of things out of place, the background sounds out of place, the times are a bit screwed and not in a good way, well no one can be perfect (at least it’s not a interlude muahahah).

“The Foul Nucleus of Resurrection” is next and … it goes back to more groove oriented music, combining pretty well smallish guitar solos with groove breakdowns and blasting, nice, “Archetype” continues the trend, in a somewhat different way, its way more just plain Death Metal but with enough blasting and shouting to not be pure, it still retains that brutal edge, again a great track, “Ingenuity in Genocide” blasts away, again with some slow downs breaks for chorus and to add diversity… keeps a good pace, again great, with a small solo added to the mix , “Odious Emanation” is better, more focused on blasting and tighter groove, pretty good and heavy, “Prolific Murder Contrivance” is blast and a bit of the same, half way through has some nice guitar work for a sort of chorus, nice, the album finishes with “Underneath Rorulent Soil”, humm kinda working “epic” tracks for last hehehe, nice work pretty technical stuff, finishes the album pretty well, and it’s probably the first track you should listen, since it sums up the album pretty well ^^

Humm, well its groovy for a death metal album, not meshuggah groovy but nevertheless it brings a bit of fresh air, and it makes it easier to listen to, some of these overly grind albums are just sooo thick that it’s hard to re-listen, i like my music with some variety, the vocals are pretty good, it’s pretty diverse technique wise, sound great, so Aborted… good job, i like it, so if your into this kind of music, you should check them out hehehe.

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Aborted – The Chondrin Enigma
Aborted – Avenious

Check it out! Aborted – Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Ov..
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