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Tool – 10000 Days

Tool – 10000 Days

I have a kind of hate love relation with Tool, i do realize they are talented folk i just don’t seem so interested on their sound, their prowess is without question but they seem to have found a formula and they are sticking to it, my way of enjoying music is based on 2 concepts, quality and originality, and for me originality is long gone with Tool.

So how does “10000 Days” holds up? Well really good, since they are excellent musicians, the album starts with “Vicarious” and there is no way you can’t be infatuated with this sound, so crystal clear so tempered and balanced, things do tend to fall into place when you listen to Tool, after a couple of minutes i was already balancing my head back and forward, its that nice and smooth Tool sound, then comes “Jambi” and that goes into that oh so predictable Tool formula, nice beginning never ending simplistic music with vocals in background, half original in 1992, now completely overdone, then we go to the over sized interlude with “Wings For Marie (Pt 1)” and “10000 Days (Wings Pt 2)”.

I really enjoy almost 18 minutes of interlude when a album is just beginning, after that “joy ride” they give us the “o so well named” “The Pot” (yeah the 18 minutes made me picky), what the fuck he is saying? “High High, you must have been High High” sure i am high, with brilliant lyrics like that, over the most boring riff I’ve ever heard, after the longest and soonest interlude in the history of music, sure I’m high, Tool are fucking mind readers, and just when I’m wondering what’s coming up next with “Lipan Conjuring”, ohh fuck another interlude, what the fuck, are they gonna spend all day making idiotic sounds, ohhh excuse me mind blowing innovating, transcendental idiotic sounds, i forgot I’m talking about Tool, lets just skip that, and go straight to “Lost Keys”, OHHH YOU FUCKS, YOU DIDN’T, another fucking interlude, with more idiotic random samples, goddam.

Here we go “Rosetta Stoned”, hey finally one of those uninspired Tool songs, it only took, 39 minutes of white noise to get it, now let’s have a look at “Intension”, ohhh no not another…ohhh 2 minutes later he started singing, thank god, that was some scare, ok…where’s the rest of the band, ohhh it’s that kind of interlude, ohhh how nice, so “Right in Two” must be a song…somewhere, really slow buildup to full band workout, well again the formula, well at least it’s not another interlude, let’s check “Viginti Tres” ohhh that’s just perfect, more 5 minutes of strange noises, to any of the Tool band members that might see this, just one tiny note, you know that white noise and all those sissy things are just used to enhance music, they are not fucking music, not in fucking rock, you made an album with 4 songs, and only 2 are decent, you dumb excuse for a band.

So what can i add, what can i say, Tool failed miserably to capture me, yeah i know, sacrilege, but as i said before Tool always sounds the same because they always play the same, they seem to be milking the cow till it’s bone dry, every flare or originality is gone, how many times can you sing quietly and build up a song the same way, even the riffs seem dry, there is a complete lack of substance, its music for musics sake, don’t get me wrong, it’s a Tool album, and Tool fans will probably like the 2 songs, but i assure, even those are dull and devoid.

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