Anachronaeon – The Ethereal Throne

Humm so Anachronaeon, unfortunately never heard of them, it happens! Still its a Swedish duo formed by Patrik Carlsson and Andreas Ã…kerlind, from the first couple of listens this album a blackish melodic death metal it has a bit a feel of a concept album with tracks flowing pretty well between themselves, also i liked the the cover art, you can check yourself on top, it does look pretty good! That or maybe lately I’ve been way too much around black metal hehehe, anyways here is “The Ethereal Throne”.

The album starts off with “Mary” a slow building melodic start, not too sure what i feel about it, sounds a bit… cheesy, then it goes into melodeath, even with my apprehension its a pretty solid track, “Essence Of My Becoming” starts up with a dread guitar work, its actually a very eerie doom track, i like it… a lot! it combines slow paced interludes with blastbeat death, its uncommon and pretty fresh, lots of variation, followed by “To Ashes” were we are back to more melodic death, with some nice quick burst guitar solos.

“The Whereabouts” starts a bit like Mary slow moving backdrop talking into melodic death blasting, its a bit… humm ok, i don’t get how it fits, but the melodeath sounds pretty good, “Defying My Master” starts again with the backdrop talking into melodic metal hummm with some pretty catchy riffs, probably my fav until now, “Seeds Of Darkness Sprouting In Light” brings back a bit of doom and melodic death, with some blasting guiding it along its way, “The Inevitable Day” is a softer track, more melodic easing up on the doom, kinda feels like its the point where they sound best, in between full force blasting and eery doomish rock.

“Shattering The Earthly Bond” uhh sounds ominous and it actually plays ominous, blasting death all the way, good good hehehe, although by the end it gets a bit weirdly, anyhoo finishing it up with “A White Dove Flew Over The Prison Walls”, mostly a melodic track, its fitting, although it does end up in a melodic death solo into a repetitive ending, one thing i gotta say Anachronaeon do know their chops, and so it ends!

I must say, good job Anachronaeon, your name is hard to pronounce, but the music is solid as fuck, and a pretty good listen to boot, production is sharp, the music was well played and pretty crisp, also the vocals were good, although a bit monotone, i think it actually fits the music pretty well, guess Anachronaeon gets the seal of approval, if you are into sort of doomish melodic death concept albums, than this one is a keeper, go get it!

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Anachronaeon – The Inevitable Day

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