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By Night – Sympathy for Tomorrow

By Night – Sympathy for Tomorrow

So By Night has a new album, seems they also had some though luck with their old label Lifeforce Records, that’s kinda to be expected, the problem with labels is that they tend to be more concerned with their own bottom-line then the bands they represent, like the success of the band is not relevant to the success of the label.

Anyhoo i did listen to their other 2 albums and although the first one was a bit sparse i did enjoy the second one, it was a bit formulaic but still had plenty of crisp hooks and sounded a bit like humm metalcore Meshuggah!, but hell i would say they had their own thing going for them and that’s always a good thing.

So “Sympathy for Tomorrow” starts up with “Built to Last”, uhh i know these guys, hehehe, seems By Night didn’t fall too far from their previous sound, that stop-go drumming and guitar work is pretty recognizable, sooo yeah you get a groovy mathcore track, next up is “The Fear of the Unknown” with a pretty metalcore track meets mathcore, ill just hangbang to this, it has a nice groove and hardcore shouting mixed in and that mid track tuned down build up… humm where did i listen to this before *wink wink*, its good stuff!

“Through the Hands of God” is more of the same, nice drum guitar math groove, I like the variety, lots of nice twists in the tracks, mostly going between the metalcore and mathcore, there is no lack of hooks here, even with the gimmicky toned down talking (that I’m not too found of), it just works, these passages although not that relevant help build up the track, next is “Protest to Survive”, again interesting, sparse drumming with big guitar riffs doing the stop-go, again with that mid-track pause, feels kinda like By Night’s trademark cut, finishing up nicely with a power driven guitar solo.

“These Wounds Won’t Heal” is the perfect example of what a more melodic track should be on a metal album, go math all the way hahaha, it sounds great, short and sweet, now “Blind”, a short grindcore burst yelling all the way (Pig Destroyer would be proud!), “Lies and Betrayal” goes back to form, with a more death-ish track with longer drown-out guitar work to a hardcore track, good stuff, then “Loyalty” is trademark By Night, speed-up hardcore with plenty of build ups and stop-go, whats not to like!

“Awaken” is another solid track, it might be the one with least variations but that’s kinda refreshing and still with lots of build ups, “We, Together as One” is probably their more hardcorish track and a bit rehashed from their previous album, kinda sounds a bit like a “People Like You”, at least in the tempos, maybe it was on purpose, still good one! “The Black Core” finishes the album well with more mathcore, nothing like a nice stop-go groove to clean the plate.

Interesting… Most of the album tracks are around 3min and whole album is like 30+min but still we get a pretty diverse experience, you get a quick but entertaining listen, no time was spared on wonderful hooks, mathcore drumming and catching riffs, while still maintaining what i could only call as the “By Night” sound, that stop-go drumming with cyclic riffs, it does really sound like “A New Shape of Desperation” part 2, in totally a good way, its hard for a band to create their own sound, but its even harder to make one that sounds this good, hell what more can i say, go check it out!

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Video By Night – Lies and Betrayal

By Night – Lies and Betrayal

Check it out! By Night – Sympathy for Tomorrow
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