Crimson Massacre – The Luster of Pandemonium

Yet another American Death Metal band reaches our headquarters and presents us with over 50 minutes of decaying madness. «Crimson Massacre? Who are these fellows? Now let’s just check their website and see what juicy information is there to be found.» But, alas, the thought of investigating the band’s roots and history was overcome by the complete lack of information currently characterizing the band’s (and label’s) website, so we will have to stick to the music.

And the music is precisely what Death Metal fanatics might appreciate, even though it is still a bit far from brilliance. By this, I am including the fact that most songs sound slightly too alike, and the musical atmosphere is thick as thick can be. It is dense Death Metal, but with slightly sloppy writing, especially in the sense that the playing is not focused, and there is some repetitiveness, notwithstanding the constant, relentless double bass and technicality. The production is not exactly perfect either, seeing as the music comes out with a too low-end sound.

The Hyperborean’s Epitaph provides with calmer moments of acoustic frenzy, only to be followed by tales of destruction and horror. It is a fine, 11-minute long piece of relaxing music, by all means, in what has become a matter of habit in brutal Death Metal. Its length notwithstanding, The Hyperborean’s Epitaph is probably the highlight of the album.

The album’s wickedness has been further enhanced by Jon Zig’s morbid creativity, an ever more frequent graphic presence in brutal bands’ releases. In general, one might say traditional followers of the Death Metal style will not be too disappointed – but the majority might be puzzled by the rupture with traditional songwriting.

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Crimson Massacre – Redemption

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