Cycles – Paradise / World of Sand

CYCLES were created in the relatively recent past and feature in the ranks former DOVE/ IN SOLITUDE drummer Augusto Peixoto. The present CD-Single is intended as a means of presenting the band to media and labels, while the debut Phoenix Rising is not officially released.

So we have two tracks where it is evident that the musicians that wrote and performed the songs are skilled in their instruments. Paradise features Paulo Barros (of TARANTULA fame) on guitar solos and some parts of the song have a rather good hard rock vein. I liked the vocalist’s register in this song, where you can denote some moods found in special (old) material from bands such as METALLICA, LAKE OF TEARS or THERION. There is this sense of melancholy pervading the song, even though it is not blatantly ‘doom’.

World of Sand is a different moment of the album. CYCLES appear to have a sound of their own, but while still hearing the CYCLES edge, these tracks are very different – I would say World of Sand is more… interventional. Bits and parts reminded me of OVERKILL, old SEPULTURA and mid-period MEGADETH. There are the melodic lines and quiet parts. Overall, ‘despite’ the good production and sound of the two tracks, this song has an old school feeling which I like.

The production is very good – the tracks were recorded, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered at the Rec’n’Roll Studios. Luís Barros also gave a little help with keyboards and effects. The fact that the band invested in quality is evident – thus 7.5 is a start basis. The mark would be higher if this were not a mere presentation – I am a fan though and am most certainly awaiting the full-length. The band shows professionalism.

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Cycles – World of Sand

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