Deforge – Freedom Release

ANONIMA DISASTRI were summoned in November 1997, and released ’99 demo Mankind Disaster and ’00 Silent Terror Inside. By the year 2002, ANONIMA DISASTRI took up the name DEFORGE. The first step after the new name was hitting the Temple of Sound Studios for the recording of Freedom Release.

One of the promotional activities to the ’03 CD included a small mini-tour in Slovenia, as a support act for INFERNAL POETRY. The current line-up features: Gaetano Ettore (vocals and guitar), Massimo di Gaetano (lead guitar and backing vocals), Domenico d’Eugenio (bass), Giuseppe Bracchi (drums) and the band invited Franko INRI (SOTHIS) and Simone Scazzochio (STORMLORD) for special features on Freedom Release.

Upon the first few listening moments of Freedom Release, what surprised me was the fact that these Italian musicians are excellent performers and manage to create enticing old school Death/ Thrash with the background of a reasonably acceptable production. The first track, Vicious Circle, approaches the vocal lines to NAPALM DEATH’s Barney Greenaway’s own, but subsequent tracks drink more avidly from the early DEATH fountain, most notably in the rhythmic section. You can hear now and then a touch of mid-period CARCASS as well.

The soft/ weak side to the album is the vocals. These are often an interfering element, cutting through the melody and the song-structure quite ungraciously, mainly because it does not seem to fit the music. The vocalist has an excuse, though, for he is also a guitarist, but the band would definitely benefit from a different vocal approach. Even though the vocals vary here, they are nevertheless monotonous.

Overall, for a self-financed effort, DEFORGE can only be congratulated on their good work, including song-writing, production and artwork as well. We all have seen a thousand unworthy bands sign to major labels without really fulfilling any quality pattern other than the circumstantial commercial needs – quality is undeniable in DEFORGE, and they sure as hell deserve a recording deal.

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