Aphex Twin – Chosen Lords

So a new one from aphex, ohhh excuse me, AFX, well almost, i checked it out and these Chosen Lords, are not a album per say, they are a mix from the 41 tracks on Analord Volumes 1-11, a collection of individually released vinyl only EPs.

Much like those bands that still strive in analog times (dismissing the digital “rearranging till it’s perfect”) because it sounds right, and it gives a underlying feel for the music, aphex went that root with this series, going for vintage electronics to create this music, kind of funny since he was one of the first to truly embrace full digital, the fact is the musics on lords seem more constraint and do have that feeling of old school techno, i don’t know if that was, what he was trying to do but, even simple things like fade in fade out, seem irregular and don’t have the same crisp digital feel, it’s very reminiscent and as such is quite enjoyable, it’s unpretentious at best.

So this is one of those albums, that’s difficult to pinpoint, i can say that, its a lot of fun, not so aggressive or over the top aphex twin i do enjoy, but it’s quite funky, sure the tracks don’t feel like an album, but they weren’t suppose to be, they do tend to stay on the same set of sounds, maybe because old hardware doesn’t have never ending archive of samples, but that just adds to the retro sound, well on the album itself, i do like “Fenix Funk 5”, for it’s almost “Aphex Twin” like drum arrangement, and great samples, also “Crying in your Face” its a lot of fun, with those really funky retro acid sounds, there are a lot more gems and all the tracks are fun to ear, if not for the simple arrangements.

Ohhh why oh why, have you forsaken me, well i’m more a “I Care Because You Do“, “Richard D. James Album“, “Windowlicker“, “Come to Daddy“, “Digeridoo” kind of guy, but nevertheless, aphex never lets down, overall quality and production are always of the highest standard, and these are some sweet tunes, not ground breaking, but nevertheless real nice, so give it a try, i did.

Aphex Twin – Fenix Funk 5

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