Gorillaz – Demon Days

Well we all know what Gorillaz is … Blur famed Damon Albarn’s Pet Project, that turned bigger than, well, Blur, hehehe does that make you think, or what?, anyways after about 4 year, her comes a new album, full of promises and well a bit more of the same, Gorillaz sound is far from being stale, it ranges from the alternative pop/rock, through things like hip-hop, funk, gloom*, to some forms of electronic i guess, even thought it seems the main concern is finding out the exact age of Noodle, their underage Japanese guitarist, even thought it is a fictional character…

Well off with their heads, and lets have a look at the music, overall the album seems more focused than their debut album, even thought the feel is the same, “happy bummed” music, some of the tracks borderline self indulgent like “O Green World” and some of the fillers, but when the really good tracks do come, they are surprisingly fresh, seems Damon Albarn was really the man behind the show, tracks like “Dirty Harry”, “Feel Good Inc” or “All Alone” are excellent, and there is even time for some surprises like the old school dance music* from “Dare” or the electro funk* on “White Light”.

This one thought album to talk about, very different stuff happening all over, so can one listen to it on one go? well sure, it beats listening to radio if that’s the point, and quality wise is top notch, i just feel its a bit more of the same, their debut album had that unfinished feeling to it, like it’s a “side project kind of thing”, but with “Demon Days”, its much more balanced, even thought its a bit confusing and mind numbing at times, with all this different music coming from everywhere, in the end it’s ok, yeah i said ok, if your into Gorillaz or you like eclectic albums this one is surely for you, just don’t be fooled by the singles.

(* Note: I Need To Stop Inventing Stuff Up )

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc

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