The Mad Capsule Markets – 1997-2004

Uhh the mad boys are back…well halfway, this is their latest release, but its just a mix of their best tunes from 1997 to 2004, why do this? well maybe because their back catalog isn’t that rich so everyone can save a couple of bucks and just by this one, these japanese boys play a form of electro/punk so the songs are not really part of anything, so albums tend to be collection of songs ratter than something with a beginning, middle or end, anyway i like the mad capsule markets, their use of drum&bass/jungle, so… heavy hitting electronic with the violent overtone of punk/hardcore/thrash, and this mix actually works quite well.

Since like almost all punk albums, tracks come short and fast, “1997-2004” is a big album, with 19 tracks, so instead of going 1 on 1 i’ll just highlight my favorites ^_^ hehehe, well “Crash Pow” is new to me, i don’t have all their catalog, but really good hardcore/punk almost no electronic, then “Pulse” i already know, heheh high drum&bass meets punk, this is the shit, that and the “Blink 182” type catchy lyrics in a japanese pronunciation, ohhh it’s so much funnnn, “Godd Girl” for the rock breakbeats and happy happy lyrics, “Midi Surf” its almost 100% drum&bass/guitar work, very punk in feeling with everyone screaming along.

“Chaos Step” with the house samples and the almost Pitchshifter feeling, rock meets electronic, “Gaga Life” this one just screams Mad Capsule Markets, it has all the things they are good at, Punk Music over Electronic beats and of course catchy chorus (probably my favorite), “Bit Crusherrrr” for it’s ridiculous/funny lyrics with the nu-metal feeling (like they are making fun of the sound…hell they are screaming Bit Crusherrrr some 30 times), “Fly High” is like “Gaga Life” all over again, ohhh so sweet, and that’s about it.

Anyone with a moniker like The Mad Capsule Markets, should be funny, well the musics have a lot of punk, they mix and mash, but the underlying feel and play is punk, the high use of electronic and samples, just enhances their music, and makes it stand apart from the crowd, i’m not much of a punk fan, but i do enjoy the mad capsules, because they do bring something new to the table, and i do love from time to time some nonsense music just because it’s fun, so if you like punk or wanna listen to something a little bit odd, then give this one a try, you won’t regret it.

The Mad Capsule Markets – Fly High

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