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Venetian Snares or should i say Mr. Funk, and the Mr here is appropriate, this isn’t rap were there is a tendency to add things were things aren’t supposed to exist, well Venetian Snares is the brainchild of one Aaron Funk, more like a stage name, Uhhh? just call me Venetian Snares, because… well my name sucks (and everybody pauses for a moment… but it’s Funk…Funk is cool…no?), back to reality, the new album is called Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms, uhhh it has that warm feeling of electronic music, the longer the title the smaller the…, yeah it’s glitchcore (and noisecore and now that i think of it all breakcore) and i have to say that i quite enjoy this types of electronical music.

As a side note, this album, in retrospective with his latest releases, sees venetian snares… humm how can i put it … more mellow? well more like giving up on that garage band experimental sound, for a more clean cut pseudo commercial sound, the formula seems to be repetitive, there are almost always 2 distinct (sometimes 3 or 4) tracks normally at least one is playing in a normal or slow pace and the other ones are in hiperdrive mode (mostly cut beats, that only someone like him can do) and when i say hiperdrive is just because if he turns the bpm up a point you will hear a continuous horrible sound, that’s how fast it goes.

The album starts with “Donut”, and it’s a really nice track with a large build up, that goes to one of his mixtures of cut beats, not going overboard, more like a intro so you’ll get used to it, next comes “Swindon” and you start to get the big picture this is all about the beat the rest is there just to make it sound better and to give ambient sound for the continuous deconstructions of the beats, next comes “Pwntendo”, that goes for that classical and comfortable 8bit sound, that Nintendo inprinted on the back of everyone’s mind, well its that, but at stupid speed “OH THIS SHIT IS GREAT” kind of thing, next comes “Xiii’s Dub” that sounds more like a interlude, but a nice one, good after that mind blowing blast from the last track.

Next comes “Vache”, amazing just like the next one “Plunging Hornets” full speed in a sea of apparent randomness all the way, “Twirl” again slows it down, it has a lot in common with “Xiii’s Dub” it gives you a break from all that sonic aggression, next comes “Tache” and its a lot like “Swindon”, but in this case slowing the album down to “P” and this one is… a bit weak, a pure interlude to the last track “Cancel” and it actually sounds like something more experimental and not in tune with the rest of the album, nice, but nothing especial.

I have to say i always like Venetian Snares, sure this album is a bit played down, and i always have that feeling that if he spent a couple of more weeks working with the material that it would have been excellent, I’ll have to say that although most tracks are excellent that the album seems and feels like a patchwork, i have the tendency to listen all the way up to “Plunging Hornets”, and disconnecting on “Twirl”, no point going on or maybe I’m just tired, yeah because this kind of music tends to become tiresome, not only because of the randomness and aggression of the beats but i think most likely because even though it’s a work of art the way that he deconstructs the beats, it all seems to follow the same formula and pattern, and that makes it predictable and therefore lacks that replay value, nevertheless like i said i love his work, and so should you, hehehe.

Venetian Snares – Vache

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  1. I seen him work on vache on youtube with resound. he makes his stuff seem so easy, butI tried making music with resound and it seems like I got no where on it! he’s amazing. Ilove Arron..or Mr. funk. heh thanks for giving the example Vache for the site!

  2. Yeah you had to be a pre-“software sequencer” to really get into tracker software, but Mr. Funk does it not because you can’t do it on a software sequencer, mostly because its basically the perfect software for the kind of music he does, were there is a need to use every little empty space, a sort of natural environment to cut samples and to time it out at different speed all in a fixed speed, and all in a logical and visual way (it’s loads of small bars on a large scrolling bar).

    In a software sequencer he would have a lot of problems with distortion and noise, with so much sound in so little time, if you go a little further it would be just one block of distorted sound, and not the crisp music that you listen, so there is a mixture of old school technique and using the best tools for the job^^

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