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Fear Factory – The Industrialist

Fear Factory – The Industrialist

Its like beating a dead horse, there is such as thing as quitting while you are ahead, Fear Factory is one of my all time favorite bands and as such im kinda a bit biased towards then, but ever since “Digimortal” (a in my opinion half-hassed album), Fear Factory is pretty much dead to me, still they keep churning these things away, and so now we are presented with “The Industrialist”!

Baked piece of shit! Im not a revivalist that likes only old school stuff and for bands to keep sending the same thing over and over again, i kinda always hope they change with time, that they improve on their sound and send fresh new things to my brain, of course that does not guarantee WIN! but at least it keeps it fresh or at least shows some effort, alas not with Fear Factory, from Digimortal forward, all album covers are rehashed (all with versions of that FF V bullshit), all the song names were pulled from the fucking thesarus and the songs… don’t start me on that!

So here we have The Industrialist, and first track is… “The Industrialist”, starting up with a nice vintage “the world is in the shitter” Ministry kind of thing, and that rolls into the most basic Fear Factory blast beat groove of all time, there is no connection between singing and music, Burton is there singing in the corner, while everyone else is blasting away somewhere else, hell the only good thing is that Burton avoided the distorted voice chorus only until the end, even Dino Cazares trademark simplistic playing is even more plain than ever…

Next up is “Recharger”, ohhh bland industrial that gets a distorted random chorus, at least in Digimortal they were kinda catchy, its cliche, boring and i’ve heard Fear Factory play this a thousand time, “New Messhiah” (god these track names make me laugh) again barely the same drumming patterns and the new emo-pop chorus just puts a cute bow on top of it, “God Eater” *giggle* ohhh “John Carpenter’s Evil Musical Twin”… no, not really, that was me being a bit hopeful, this repetitive bullshit is pissing me off!

“Depraved Mind Murder” give me a break, using a drill sound for added “heaviness”, its silly and the track is a dissociative mess of a sound, “Virus of Faith” i think i heard this one before, oh right it was the first track… and the chorus, makes me want to cry, its so shitty! “Difference Engine” HERE IT COMES! another generic rehash of a thousand Fear Factory tracks! (with recycled sound samples and everything), “Disassemble” is another (I’ve heard before) track, its un-original at best, “Religion is Flawed Because Man Is” is the bullshit excuse to put something more melodic in every Fear Factory album, “Human Augmentation” is more random soundbites, cause they probably needed some time filler and its hard to create all those original tracks.

Its incredible to me how Fear Factory were able to bland-n-nize their music so much, its barely industrial, barely death metal, its soo rehashed, i’ve heard these drum patters, these singing, these audio samples, all before… at least on Digimortal Fear Factory decided to try something new, a more basic approachable sound, and then they decided to stick to that sound until the end of times, every Fear Factory record from there on, and there are plenty! “Archetype” (in 2004), then “Transgression” (in 2005), then “Mechanize” (in 2009) and now this piece of shit “The Industrialist”, oh joy of joys, every single song from “Digimortal” to “The Industrialist” is a bland baked rehash of the precious song, its one formula, its one way of playing and one sound, its double bass white noise, skip this album, hell skip everything from here on out…

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Nope… no track to listen… no point

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