Forsaken – Anima Mundi

FORSAKEN hail from Malta and Anima Mundi is their second album through Golden Lake Productions. And Epic Doom is brilliantly represented by this constellation of 5 musicians, for Anima Mundii is still better than Iconoclast.

The quality of the band’s Epic Doom (closely reminiscent of traditional Doom) is hardly surprising, as the band has been active since 1991 and writing good music for the experts. FORSAKEN are also part of the group that will not let traditional doom die – another fine example is WHILE HEAVEN WEPT.

Neither CANDLEMASS nor SOLITUDE AETERNUS are prototypically slow (you could think of slower bands), and FORSAKEN do not limit the tempo to lowness. The keyboards are disturbing – and amount to a dimension that is both desperately forsaken and enticing. The energy that derives from the music is clearly a result of the band’s inclination to Power/ Heavy Metal – and Doom is a constant. The vocals are particularly anguished and misery-conducing, in the good old SOLITUDE AETERNUS style.

Anima Mundi is probably not recommended to fans of ultra fast, mega-speed guitar riffs, solos or drum beats, but… there is enough variation here for the open-minded – and doomsters alike. You will probably feel grateful that Leo Stivala (vocals), Sean Vukovic (guitars), Albert Bell (bass), Mario Ellul (keyboards) and Simeon Gatt (drums) came up with such an interesting album.

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