Godless Truth – Arrogance of Supreme Power

That the Czech Republic has some supreme Death Metal bands goes without saying. GODLESS TRUTH are one of the examples of thriving bands with an envious amount of experience on the way. The album department features Desperation (1998, Deadsun Records), Burning Existence (1999, Deadsun Records) and Self-Realization (2001, Shindy Productions). Live experience is not lacking either, having opened for acts such as INVERACITY, VOMIT REMNANTS, DISGORGE (usa), amongst others.

The year 2004 had a torrent of nice Death Metal releases – this time, Zdenek (vocals), Petr (guitar), Libor (drums) and Tom (bass) make a safe bet and reinforce their love of good, solid American Death Metal. DYING FETUS, SUFFOCATION and a great many other American acts shine through the songs, although it does not necessarily mean that GODLESS TRUTH are copycats, not by a long shot. Arrogance of Supreme Power is not exactly brilliant, but there are good ideas here, and I suppose the songs work out well live. The bass lines are okay, and give the songs a new dimension. Highlights of the album are Mission: Fuck you, Instructed to Degrade and Perceive the Mockery.

We are dealing with good stuff here – not altogether innovative, but catchy like hell… at intervals. The sound quality is not perfect – drums could really use some spotlight, as would the vocals. But the brutality is undeniably on the loose!

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Instructed to Degrade

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