Gorath – Elite

Following the early demos and split release material, GORATH’s Belgian BM is back with the first full-length via Black Owl Records, after the rave reviews to The Blueprints of Revolution (2004).

What can you expect from an album titled Elite? You might as well think this is one glorious manifestation of raw BM with extreme Scandinavian attitude and underground ideology, raw production and frosty sound – but you would be tremendously wrong.

This is Black Metal, aye, but with very good production and songwriting skills, all of which have been the result of one man’s efforts: F. Dupont. Besides writing, Dupont has also produced the album, and despite the drum machine, it is a nice album all in all, especially seeing as the usage of the drum machine is balanced with the song structures. Less frosty than it would be if raw produced, but this has completely new dimensions.

These dimensions are also supported by strictly acoustic moments in tracks like Instrumental Intermezzo, which add more melancholy. The songs have good dynamics and do not become too repetitive. As a bonus to older band fans, Elite features some older songs re-recorded. In addition to the nine tracks the album consists of, there is also a cover track – of Britney Spear’s Toxic.

GORATH is not a live band, but chances are it might be possible to see them perform in the future.

LastFm Gorath

Gorath – Toxic

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  1. who doesn’t luv this song? i mean FOR REALZ. this song iz awesome! did u see her face at the end? lol. i waz on the couch lmao. my bf hates this song. he thikns imma be a stalker

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