Labyrinthe – The Depths of Hell

So here we have Labyrinthe, hailing from the USofA formed by Mark de Gruchy on Vocals, Jason Mills on Drums, James Bumgarner on Guitar, Jason Keating on Guitar and Tyler Hall on Bass, from the first listen this is pretty much deathcore, but with a higher inclination to the death side of things, so here it is “The Depths of Hell”.

The album starts off with “Body Chute” and a piercing noise into a hardcore breakdown that feeds into a death metal section, you kinda get the feel for Labyrinthe in this track, a pretty straightforward mix of death and hardcore, it has some variation and a guitar solo, but it also sounds a bit disconnect, “Flesh Fixation” is a more death track with again some nice hardcore breaks splashed in between, its good but not remember-able, up next is “Blood Baster” its a bit messier with the blend, its a bit all over the place but not in a nice Unexpect kind of way.

Now “Raped by Trees”, title reminds me of evil dead hehehe, nice stop-go death, this one drives a better point home with a much simpler but still technical track, although a chorus yelling raped by trees is a bit campy… “Saw Mill Road” gives again a bit of a stop-go death, and i do love me some of that, catchy! but when it switches to standard death its kinda a clean break and then into hardcore its another clean break, humm weird track, it sounds like 4 very different tracks all pieced together, its good, not great.

“Razor Wire Noose” is again ok, a bit of the same style of deathcore, cut up and rangy, “Gutter Sludge” is another heavy but ultimately cut up as well, “Defiance” starts with a nice hardcore break but enters death metal and it kinda runs away from the good start into something else with a very different tempo and feel, its kinda the theme of the whole album, “Bordello for the Dead” is a bit better, a nicer mix and a better overall tempo helps it drive along the death/hardcore mix, we finish with “Cauterizer” another solid but not awesome track, kinda like the whole album speeding on death, slowing down on hardcore, it finishes with a weird campy yelling “666”, so Labyrinth are satanic as well? was that the feel of the album? weird…

Im having a hard time defining Labyrinthe, the album sounds like a thousand different things, mostly cause the tracks aren’t glued together, they change style and riffs in a very sharp and contrasting way and im not too sure if it sounds all that good, the parts by themselves are pretty sick and heavy, but when joined into tracks, they don’t make much sense, i could cut the album up in 200 soundbytes and re-arrange it back and have myself a brand new album, that’s how cut up the album sound to me.

I do like the raw feel of the album seems less produced and hardcorish than something done from Glass Casket or Caliban, more like in the veins of Beneath The Massacre (were they play a technical death metal with some touches of hardcore for added flare) and that’s not a bad thing, i just think that their blend is just a bit too clumpy and you don’t get a perfect smooth transition that makes sense, its a bit too death then hardcore then back to death, then a perfect deathcore blend, again maybe its just me, well if you are into deathcore you should give it a try, its a pretty nice listen.

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Labyrinthe – Flesh Fixation

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