Lex Talionis – The Supreme Aggression

The first few notes of Endless End clearly depict LEX TALIONIS as an experimentalist technical band verging on the industrial. And what is more, the whole album is faithfully portraying the quality of LT’s music. A significant influence of classical music also plays its role here. It takes some time to be fully digested, but this is one of the most interesting albums of 2003. In fact, I cannot quite remember the last time I heard something like this from French shores.

I must admit these guys manage to write catchy (though not radio-friendly) tunes – the opener Endless End is a fine example of it, my absolutely favorite track. Second favorite is Cyborg.

Technically, the musicians are very good and know how to put their knowledge to excellent use. LEX TALIONIS are Jeremy (vocals, keys), Pierre-Marie Reverdy (guitars), Yannick Morisset (guitar) and Nicolas Gleizes (bass). As you will probably have noticed by now, there is not a human drummer, which is what makes the album less meritorious in a way – but the drum machine is finely worked with mega-fast speed, which most of the times pleases the ear (although it need not be so fast all the time). I can understand the absence of a human drummer: LEX TALIONIS are into machines and in the end, it is a sign of coherence.

The general atmosphere of the album is rather martial, in a successful combination of death, black and some electro. The subtitle of the album (Fusion of ancient ways with modern tech. support) points at the predominance of technology, Cybernetics, punctuated with neoclassical and progressive solos every now and then. And leads are numerous throughout The Supreme Aggression.

Rises the Soul of Nature Immortal Myth is classical-inspired. The band’s heterogeneous direct or indirect influences are clearly stated in each member’s thanks list. As for the cover concept, the band’s idea of what is Extreme Aggression appears to be sticking needles in lips. I can imagine it hurts.

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