Maple Cross – Next Chapter

A black CD in a black and white environment – MAPLE CROSS set themselves to presenting oppositions in their The Next Chapter. Fortunately, their intention is not contrary to excellent playing skills and song-writing!

Having created their own label Verikauha Records, the Fins release an opus of relentless variety in aggressiveness – from heavy metal-inspired music to Thrash drumming and glimpses of melodic Death, what The Next Chapter represents is an album full of addicting tracks, clearly independent and intelligently conceived.

I cannot quite give you a name for what music MAPLE CROSS play, because the richness of its hybridism makes a unique sound, making The Next Chapter a plentiful listen. All of this is aided by the strong an powerful production, aided by screams/ clean vocals / throaty chants inspired by 80’s Thrash and a touch of Scandinavian madness. And then there is a heavy Rock’n’Roll groove to the Next Chapter which only makes it the more worthwhile listening. And always addicting. ENTOMBED is a band I could think of while listening to MAPLE CROSS, but in all honesty, MAPLE CROSS are by far much more interesting and much less tedious. In fact, I cannot seem to find a hint at boredom in MC’s music – and that is to say a lot.

The Next Chapter is intensity, variety, independence and personality, in a homogeneously created sound scape called «MAPLE CROSS».

Now the masterpiece was put forth by Marco R. J. (vocals), Sami (guitar), Late TT (guitar), Ollari (bass) and Aki (drums). Favorite moments could be World Wide Mystery and Nothing Starts from the Beginning, the best fucking moment of the whole album! And believe me, these are short but intensive 35 minutes – I want more.

Compulsory album for lovers of successful Death/ Thrash/ Personality/ Individuality.

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Maple Cross – Nothing Starts From The Beginning

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