A Life Once Lost – Hunter

A Life Once Lost is the kind of band that it’s hard to pinpoint, they clearly ride the roads between death/thrash/hardcore, but with their first release they seemed to go straight for a more point by point math metal approach, with a bit of hardcore in the mix but basically a stop go, polyrithmic ride, that is to say, i liked it, now with a new album, they seem to try and grow their sound, and so a new beast is born.

The Album starter is “Rehashed” and by starter i mean started, you get the instant feeling of A Life Once Lost bouncy calc metal they used to play, but in a thrashier more hardcore way, strange thing is they didn’t invent anything new nor went on a different direction, the sound just seems fuller and more tight, with a lot more aggression, that feeling just gets a extra boost on the next track “Needleman” even with the more approachable chorus, then they drop us on “Vulture” now we’re talking, my favorite track for sure, straight from the get go, with that bouncy sound they do so well, it only gets better with the quick guitar solo, the album goes on and on, with tracks like “Grotesque”, the very instrumental delight of “Salai” or bringing the goods home with “Ghosting”.

Is it all good? I’m afraid not, like with “A Great Artist” their previous effort, it stales, it stales fast, their sound while refreshing at first it tends to blend with the background with time and multiple runs, the difference is that with “Hunter” you get a great ride while your in it.

So did i like or not, well i can say for certain that’s a better album then their previous and it’s a fun ride, with loads of twists and turns, ohhh and the best thing is…. my favorite track is also their single, so go and check out “Vulture”.

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A Life Once Lost – Vulture

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