Abominattion – Doutrine of False Martyr

Back in 1994, sill under the moniker Anesthesia, Abominattion released the first demo, Burning Souls, which was warmly received by fans and press. 1998 set the stage for the second demo, Hated by the Flames, followed by 2000’s Rites of the eternal Hate (CD) and 2001’s Doutrine of False Martyr (spelling mistake included^). Animated Records re-released the latter, 3 years after the original album, with two bonus tracks (Eternity’s Defy and Devastated World).

The Brazilian Death Metal community has some major representatives Krisiun and Rebaelliun are also represented in Abominattion’s music, who have kept faithful to the original extreme death metal sound they played in the beginning. Doutrine of False Martyr (spelling mistake included) is 42 minutes of straightforward, well played Death Metal. The song structures are well thought-out and some of the movements attended the Morbid Angel school. Doutrine of False Martyr needs some time of getting used to, for the songs are as a rule of thumb, to put it mildly, and the production is semi-good, but I have heard much worse. Some of the strong racks are perhaps Doutrine of False Martyr, Hateful Divine Creation (bruuuuuutal) and Fallen Angel. Eternity’s Defy is somewhat doomier, more melancholic.

As a whole, Abominattion is a rather good band to listen to, but the Krisiun influences are still a bit too heavy. Dourine of False Martyr (spelling mistake included) is recommended, though.

Abominattion – Purity in Flames

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