Acheron – Decade Infernus

ACHERON is one of the oldest Satanic Death Metal bands in existence. Reverend Vincent Crowley is the frontman and responsible for the uttering of many blasphemies throughout the ages and the band’s 15 years of existence. The aforementioned is also a member of the misanthropic band WOLFEN SOCIETY.

Decade Infernus is a best of double CD-set comprising the band’s first ten years, which started in 1988. Back then, Mr Crowley joined forces with Peter Gilmore, a classical composer and Magister of the Church of Satan. In the early years Anton Szandor Lavey invited Vincent Crowley to join the COS, which he did, regardless of the apparent contradiction between surname and religious/ ritualistic organization.

Decade Infernus features the band’s strongest songs taken from a vast discography. Some of these are classics, others are perhaps not very representative of ACHERON’s real power. On the whole, the double CD set is perhaps better listened to separately, for the mighty anthems of doom may sound a little too monotonic at the 10th track or so. But other than that, this is a pretty good compilation of the band’s work ideal for those that do not own the albums and might want to get to know the band. The songs are mostly mid-.tempo, there is some variation (some keyboards too). The best of is a good choice for newcomers, and a sound purchase for those who want to understand the cult, but I would not necessarily hold this as a compulsory album.

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