Acheron – Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood

Acheron should be a reference band as regards music and ideology to a number of (satanic) Death and Black Metal bands out there. I have not exactly been a regular follower of the band, but I do recognize the importance (or lack thereof) of Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood.

I was expecting something good – with the experience Mr Vincent Crowley, Michael Estes and Kyle Severn [also known as The Unholy Trinity] have been gathering through the years (since 1988), both on an ideological and musical level.

The first track is okay, inverted readings set the mood for the ritual that is to follow. And the album does have some sort of energy and high moments, often going mystical and other times, plain evil. Xomaly and The Kindred are obviously wreaking havoc from the first second and some other songs have the occasional highlight that make the album worth the listen. Proof that the Acheron sound has not only matured with time, but also found a way to express its own identity.

The production is not bad in fact, it is heavy and gives the album a powerful edge. But it could have been better. Sometimes, quite often, in fact the album tends to become monotonous, because there is a sound of “sameness” in the songs that does not allow the listener to fully appreciate the offering. The album is listenable “I have heard far worse, but” with a teaser like Xomaly, I was expecting a bit more. The 9th Gate was also disposable, but Acheron should know what they are doing.

All in all, Acheron should not disappoint the diehard fans with this album, but I really think they have written more enticing music in the past. The fact remains that the Satanic word is spread through and through.

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