Ad Inferna – L’Empire des Sens

Once breathing under the moniker DE PROFUNDIS (I still wonder why it is that Symphonic BM and Goth bands seem to choose this name), AD INFERNA play a not very innovative variant of symphonic BM. Generally speaking, there are a number of obvious (DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH, EMPEROR) and other not so obvious influences. The first time I heard the CD, I even thought there were some LIMBONIC ART touches to it, but fortunately or not, AD INFERNA never come close to what the Norwegian duo create.

Magistralec Ouverture is a quite long intro to L’Empire des Sens. Some might consider it way too long. Others might praise it for the interesting arrangements. My personal opinion lies somewhere in between ~ I quite like the arrangements, but agree to it being interesting only at first listening sessions.

Votre Dchance is not quite as aggressive as I had imagined ~ there seems to be at least one instrument (be it the guitar or keyboards) that cuts all the aggressiveness.

By the third minute of Mon Ame Noire I had already surrendered to the calmer part of the song ~ though I would gladly do without the female vocals.

In To Enter the Tragic Symphony, keyboards tend to become interesting every now and then.however, there is the problem of the too obvious COF influences, also in vocals.

The album features two guest musicians: Marco B. of OBSIDIAN GATE, who performs the orchestral introduction of L’Empire des Sens and Robynne of DAEONIA, who performs the female vocals. Furthermore, a cover version of FALKENBACH’s Balturs Tod has been included and is sung by ex~SETH’s Vicomte Vampyr. Definitely one of the highlights of the album (or is it because I adore the original version?), alongside the title track.

Not generalizing to the band as a whole, I would say the biggest problem with L’Empire des Sens is that this debut album sounds too much like DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH, which comes as a result of keyboards and female vocals being close to the above mentioned band’s. AD INFERNA could definitely be more original. After a while, I get the impression I have to listen to the CD to the end for reviewing purposes only, that is to say: the album has a tendency to become boring ~ which is not a very healthy feeling.

Musicians are good, but somehow somewhat “artificial”. Although the album is above the average, I would not consider it that striking. There seems to be something lacking. Future albums might help overcome the absence of this vital element.

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