All That Remains – The Fall of Ideals

What’s with me and metalcore, every time i check a couple of albums for review, one for sure is metalcore…well that or hardcore, yeah, well besides my nagging, All That Remains is a pretty by the numbers metalcore, fast and hard with the oh so predictable clean chorus, i believe this is their second album, but to be honest it’s the first time i had the pleasure. So let’s have a looksee on “The Fall of Ideals”.

Well well, isn’t this the most “radio friendly” metalcore track I’ve heard in some time, if “This Calling” is not their single, my name isn’t fiend (it isn’t, but that’s beside the point hehehe), pure straight blasting metalcore, to a simple and catchy (yeah it rhymes) clean chorus, with some blasting underneath, that …well at least it gives some edge, next comes “Not Alone” and I’m already on that “oh damn are this guy really talking about how they are so miserable, they lost their girlfriend or whatnot” shit me, that’s so 90’s, well beat me with a stick if it isn’t almost identical with the last track, hell they both clock at about 3:30, funny, well both aren’t bad, more like, someone has done this better somewhere for sure, kind of thing.

“It Dwells in Me” is kinda weak on it’s knees, yeah because in this kind of music it doesn’t matter what you do between the chorus, if the chorus is catchy the music is fine, even though this one has some interesting guitar work followed up by some hardcore punching, maybe it’s not that weak, “We Stand” is nothing great, “Whispers (I Hear your)” is the same formula different lyrics, “The Weak Willed” has a little more hardcore bite, with no clean chorus, but they sure sugar coat it on the end… yeah giving a bit of after taste, “Six” pops up with the predictable blasting to a more clean track, with some sissy voice off, then building up to a some rock like whatever, it’s not that good, “Become the Catalyst” has a more interesting guitar solo, chorus sucks, “The Air That I Breathe” just sucks, “Empty Inside” is a patch work and again follows their formula to the letter, “Indictment” is again one by the numbers, nothing to add.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that i don’t like more clean stuff, or melodic, hell no, if it’s good, then i like it, but as i said before regarding metalcore, that have always need to put whatever (in this case some clean/melodic chorus and guitar solos) tend to limit the potential of the music, and that rarely turns up in a good thing, structure is fine, but don’t let the structure dictate what you sound like, hell 90% of their songs are start with blasting>melodic chorus>metalcore>melodic chorus>guitar solo>finish with a melodic chorus or slower hardcore blast, so yeah if your into As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage or any other meloish metalcore band, you might want to give it a go, for me great metalcore comes from the likes of Unearth.

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All That Remains – This Calling

All That Remains – The Air That I Breathe

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  1. I’m sorry, but this dude has NO clue what he’s talking about. If it’s good, who cares how formulaic it is? When the day comes that this douche can do anything, including improving his terrible use of the English language and grammar, close to as great as Phil and the guys did on Fall of Ideals, someone let me know. Fucking punk.

  2. That was funny if your problem was with the review, but it seems your problem is with me? why?, that’s just silly, well insulting me doesn’t change the fact that in my view I’m right, if you said something with logic and reason, you could have a chance of me being wrong and changing back what i said, my words are not writen in stone, but insulting someone doesnt give you reason, it just makes you look petty.

    Now All That Remains are what they are, i tell it like i listen to it, I’m glad you like them, that’s all fine, but just because you like more of the same bland “it’s all been done before” “here comes the predictable chorus” “muahhh i want my mummy” type of music, crying about it won’t make it better (for that you have to kiss it) ^^

  3. Chris is right, fiend’s a moron, fall of ideals was unreal on multiple levels, anyone who can’t appreciate that is, quite simply, wrong.

  4. Well that’s life for ya, you can’t please everybody, nonetheless insulting destroys any good argument you might had.. cause if you need to do so, your arguments weren’t good in the first place… tss tss

  5. Hey i can see where fiend is coming from, but not all of us have herd every band out there. I don’t think your a “douche bag” becuase you dont like this band so much, but considering that “six” is on guitar hero it must be somewhat of a good song to at least the creaters of the game guitar hero thought so. I think six is one of the most amazing songs out there. If there bad in your opinion i would like to know what bands, and songs by those bands you think are good. email me if you want.

  6. Dont take this personally fiend, but i think you’re an idiot who should never write another review so long as you live.


  7. well its just my opinion, just like you are free to express yours, while, humm still it would be nice if you gave your reasons, besides well just trying to insult me, people that just insult just don’t have any good reasons and/or are just ignorant or fanboys … it all goes into the same garbage bag… see not all my reviews are bad about 80% are pretty good, the difference is that i also do reviews of shitty albums, unlike most other review sites online…


  8. Well……this is getting intresting….Either way u guys should just stfu and listn to the music with da devil xP

  9. ohhh i didn’t listen again… much nicer things to listen, like my dog barking, leafs falling or that ohh so soothin sound of someones soul breaking apart, why would i listen to this bland stuff, once you go meshuggah you never want the other white meat wait what? hahahahah ^^

  10. If you can’t appreciate what both the rhythm and lead guitarists bring to the table in “The fall of ideals” album, then there’s something incredibly wrong with you. And if you had ever listened to all that remains in the past you would hear how phil made a quantum leap as far as his screaming and singing is concerned on the album. Phil has never been much of a song writer tho and that may be the only thing I agree with you….either way you appear as if you have a personal vendetta against all that remains and I think that is sloppy journalism

  11. hummm… well im not a journalist, i just say it the way i think it, if i say its subpar, then its because i think its subpar, if they did a huge leap in quality and this is one of their better efforts, then its not good enough for my ears huhummm

    and of course you are free to disagree, but just cause i dont sugar coat it, doesn’t mean im wrong! and yes even if i like the band, if i think their album is shitty ill say so ^_^ ahhh the wonders of the interweb heheh

  12. Posting a review of a record album on the worldwide web would be considered a form of journalism….just saying. Keep up the good work

  13. ohh well that depends entirely on your definition of journalist, if you mean independent, unbiased music reviews, then yeah sure, if you mean in the sense of a business where i do this to make a buck, then no.

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