Amoral – Decrowning

Why Amoral?, Well because I’ve just talked about Scar Symmetry, and although they have a lot in common they are two very different breeds, both i would call melodic death metal, although in this case Amoral go for a more technical death metal/thrash combo that gives a bit more bite and interest, and downplaying all the way the melodic part, that’s all good, but how good is “Decrowning”

Pretty good, from the get go with “Showdown” you know were they stand, like i said above a technical trash/death combo, although in a very groovy blasting kind of way, quite the “we are in a hurry to finish this song” kind of thing, in a good way, this is a powerhouse of a track, heaviness and aggression is the name of the game, good for them, and better for me, “Lacrimal Gland” starts off again with another groovy death metalish riffage, this has some kicks ass guitar work, very good, title track “Decrowning” doesn’t fall to short of expectations, straightforward kick and easy, solid death track.

“Tiebreaker” stars off and goes almost all the way through with some incredible guitar work, very impressive with some Meshuggah like pre-D.E.I. thing, just simpler and with more pace (maybe my favorite track, i like them short and sweet), “Drug of Choice” is thrash, almost straight up, “Denial 101” is again a strong track, plays like a hardcore track, with some crazy guitar solos, “Control Cancer” is some fucked up track, with some delayed riff, it’s good but it feels a bit cut and paste kind of thing, good track nevertheless, shows a lot of skill, hell if they can make even this not so good track sound this good, then they must be doing something right, “Raptus” is another short and sweet blasting all the way through into a another funky guitar solo, nice, “Warp” is a short instrumental, nothing much, maybe it’s suppose to be the intro the final track “Bleeder”, that brings more of that Meshuggah kind of pre-D.E.I. riffing, ugly and heavy, just the way i like it (wasn’t it short and sweet?).

Did i say melodic, i meant to say freakin awesome, yeah the sweetness of the guitars bring it into the melodic section, it’s not straight death, but this is no Killswitch Engage/In Flames kind of thing, this is straight death/trash, great guitar work, solid all round album, i enjoyed the hell out of this one, go check it out.

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Amoral – Showdown

Amoral – Decrowning

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