Angst – In hoc Signo Vinces

Swedish city Norrköping witnessed the birth of ANGST in 2002, from the ashes of a project called ONDSKE. As ANGST, no longer a one-man band, three releases have already seen the dark of night: Divine Wrath (demo, 2003), Lykania (EP, 2004) and the present debut full-length In hoc Signo Vinces (2005, Black Attakk).

ANGST play what has already been considered “Washing Machine” Black Metal of the Swedish school, which really is none other than murderous, in your face Black Metal with hyperblasts. Adimiron’s vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Legion’s, and some musical similarities with MARDUK are also quite clear, although ANGST take music to a more sombre level.

Upon a Throne of Skulls stands out for the inherent melody and mesmerising riffs, although innovation is not exactly a major characteristic for this band. Some melody intertwined with frozen, icy moods provide the album with some variation, although for the first listening session, a certain flair of «sameness» summarises the whole album (8 songs + 1 intro).

Contrary to what may be thought, the band’s name is not taken from the German language, where it stands for anxiety, dread, terror; it was taken from the English language, and stands for fear. Conceptually, the band’s world appears to deal with the title: “By this sign you shall win”. The cover artwork features a goat with from a slightly different perspective, but should be a hint at what the band is all about.

It is difficult to get into more detail, as there is neither website nor lyrics available. This particular promo copy was also quite stubborn to play in my usual stereo. Lack of innovation and some dejà-vu notwithstanding, In hoc Signo Vinces should please fans of CRAFT or ARMAGEDDA.

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