Behemoth – Demigod

What can i say about Behemoth, one of the finest metal bands in the world, hehehe whatever, you want demonic voices, pounding wall of sound metal, hard as hell, fucking extreme, then they are your guys, from the first song “Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth” you get the clearest of pictures.

It just gets better and better, with emphasis on the single “Conquer All” as well as “The Nephilim Rising” with the clean guitars and excellent arrangement as well as “Towards Babylon” and the second single “Slaves Shall Serve”, finishing with a 8 minute pure death metal blaze of glory, what can i say, Behemoth rocks.

Well now for the not so good parts, even though this is fucking A Death Metal, their distorted vocal do tend to become boring…well after the initial shock heheeh, also some songs tend to look and sound alike, all that distorted guitars with those distorted vocals…

Overall this is a must have, i give it full ratings, buy it or die in the gutter, now go fucking listen to Conquer All.

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Cover Behemoth – Demigod Front

Behemoth – Conquer All

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  1. Behemoth is sexy as hell :)
    One of my favorite band and Evangelion is a top notch album too :D

  2. who fucking care if a band is satanist, christian or rapes children… if the music is awesome. that’s what matters, just cause you like the music doesn’t mean you automatically approve whatever the band believes or does hehehe ^_^

  3. Wtf is wrong with you people? They aren’t satanist, they are atheist. They have satanic themes because Nergal hates religion. See any interview he’s done pretty much ever.

    Behemoth rules not just because of incredible music, each lyric is so masterfully constructed it may likely have you Wikipedia-ing for hours. Nergal has the formal education to be a museum curator if he wanted to.

    You can like something and not agree, yeah but then you’re not fully appreciating what it is. I like Extol, a Christian metal band, but I never can appreciate it like I did when I was a Christian.

    Behemoth is for the heathens – “christians to the lions” demigod is all about how there is not a man that is not already a god. The apostasy is about shedding religion. Evangelion is about the whore of salvation that Christianity really is. It’s useless. Page after page of violence pedophilia, zoophilia, genocide, murder, … “every page emanates with evil” – Nergal.

    I agree with both the lyrics and the music. That’s why they were fucking written. And seriously to any believers here, research some of his lyrics. You will find what a lot of people do, that Christianity is just garbage.

    Also, Inferno is the greatest drummer alive, I’m pretty sure. Orion fucking owns.

  4. hehehe well shai… i think you misunderstand me and their culture, just a bit… see in northen europe satanism isnt the same thing as elsewhere, its a form of secular worship of the gods and/or in this case against the “invasion” of christianity on northen europe, so whom better to worship than the opposite of christ? ^_^

    soo northen europe satanism has a different undertone, in one that satan is a kind of crusader (the good guy) against christ (the bad guy), so satan/devil worshiping is like praying to the northen pagan gods, satan is just one of them/the only one left, he has his flaws and all, but he isn’t necessarily the cristians devil (embodiment of evil and all)…

    heheh so with that out of the way, i would say that early on in behemoth as well as still now, they do include a lot of satanic, occult, religious themes, does that make them satanic? as a band… sure! as individuals, well i have no idea, but in free countries they are free to sing about anything they want, if its satan and it kicks ass, so be it ^_^ hehehe

    have a good one and thanks for the comment ^^

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