Behemoth – The Apostasy

Oh Jesus… Behemoth has a new album, for anyone that weren’t paying attention Behemoth’s last album “Demigod” was actually the first review on Soundcult, so it’s my pleasure to again grace myself in the presence of awesomeness … heheh maybe yes, maybe no, there are big shoes to fill after “Demigod”, again it seems we are in the irreligious theme, so let’s see how good is “The Apostasy”.

Txx with “Rome 64 C.E.” it starts pretty slow, nonetheless it’s a nice march like intro, good build up to the next track “Slaying the Prophets Ov Isa” oh and this one even hurts me… damn this blasting and eerie guitar riffs, the vocals are better now, not so much distorted… its fast crushing and groovy, its a blast, the… chorus is kinda a slow down growling with gregorian vocals in the back, awesome… and then it all goes mind fuck with a solo guitar and crushing till the end…. what can i say… “Prometherion” starts again with a blast, it works and feels very much as the second part of “Slaying the Prophets Ov Isa”, it all feels very epic and brutal, nice, “At the Left Hand ov God” brings back a bit of that Middle Eastern vibe from the intro track, to build up to a slower shout blast, the slower pace just gives it more aggression and still it seems like a over-the-top requiem, very into the vibe of the album, awesome riffs.

“Kriegsphilosophie” brings it all back, blasting and growling at blazing speeds, half way through it goes into a change of speed and into a blasting/guitar combo, very nice to follow the guitar solo, all keeping it tight and fast, amazing, “Be without Fear” starts almost as a old school fear factory blast… that is until it changes tune to a more blasting growing, the difference is abysmal, extremely groovy and heavy as shit, it has a bit of a hardcore feel to it, not so much growling more shouting, nevertheless again a great track, “Arcana Hereticae” again blasting from hell, damn if its not well played out, not a moment of pause or monotonous movements, its all fucking tight and to the point, eerie as hell solos, makes a pause about 2/3 in… damn if it doesnt go into a groovy blast/guitar loop/guitar solo… sooo good

“Inner Sanctum” is next, with some blasting and sound off voice from guest vocal Warrel Dane from Nevermore (i checked…), it’s good, although somewhat toned down track, with piano, acoustic guitar and voice off, that is until half way they turn the guitars into groove metal mode and just kick it up, what can i say, again a fucking great track, catchy as hell, “Libertherme” start with the first electronical stuff i heard… and it doesn’t sound that bad, it helps build a slower more groovy track, not so much blasting, driving to a bunch of guitar solos through the track, still groovy, but i think it’s my least favorite, “Pazuzu” starts again with that march vibe, into full out blasting/growling/singing chorus, into full blasting growling, nice, it feels its just building up to the last track “Christgrinding Avenue”, were the all out blasting/guitar solo starts up, that grows into a groovy blast growl thing, that slows down into another groove from hell… dying out… what can i say epic flavored shit in 3 minutes… damn thats awesome.

I kinda see Behemoth as a band that re-invented themselfs into a technical death metal band from a black metal background, and that gave them that extra edge to not go overboard with the death metal, i think most death metal bands dont balance it very well, it tends to drag, to not have a point, when it should be brutal and deviant, and that’s … i guess its Behemoth’s formula, well this is a kick ass album, my congrats, incredibly atmospheric, the drumming and guitar and vocals, all excellent, pretty good production values and ohhh and i loved it… that should be enough, again…Behemoth, go fucking get the fucking album muahahah.

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Behemoth – Prometherion

Behemoth – Inner Sanctum

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  1. Agreed, this is an awesome album made by an amazing band. get this album if you have not already, you will not regret it! (though those near you hearing this may… :D )

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