Beneath The Massacre – Mechanics Of Dysfunction

Hehe, well i had plenty of time with this almost played it non stop on a 3hour flight, so first of all this is the first album for this Montreal, Canada outfit, damn after Unexpect i kinda always expect great things from Canada hehehe, this is technical death metal with some twists and kinks, shall we get into it.

The album starts off with “Surface” and its a pretty nice heavy beats and weird guitar riffing, its kind of a mixture of by the number death metal with some weird twists, i like it, then “Society’s Disposable Son” is also a pretty good track, it has flare i give it that, with some nice sounding breakdowns and guitar licks, its not earth shattering stuff but its smooth and as such pretty nice, then we have “The System’s Failure” and again a pretty wacky track, with a pretty headbanging hardcore moment at about 1:30 ehhehe, again its a mix of by the numbers death metal and some other stuff… again one for the books.

Now I’m going to talk about “The Stench Of Misery”, its not one of the best of the album… so why talk about it anyway?, cause its still kick ass death metal, but it seems like a remix of the music before… the album has that feel to it, if i listen to them in different times i would say both are kick ass, but one after the other, seems… odd, then “Untitled” ohh this one is old school heheeh with the buildup its basic but hey i like some interludes, and a sure fire way to build to “Modern Age Slavery” that again seems like a remixed version, it all sounds very familiar, don’t get me wrong i like it… but maybe not so much as i should.

Then we get “The Invisible Hand” and again a solid track, really liked the groove blast at 2:15, “Better off Dead” is a bit of the same, “Long Forgotten” is again a bit of the same … well until about half way in, seems like it changed into a different song, nice one, “Sleepless” finished the album kinda like it started groovyyyy.

The album plays pretty much as one big track, well in the sense that from start to finish the tracks are pretty similar, its kinda good and bad at the same time, although i do like variation (and there is some), its kinda blasting all over the place from start to finish and i don’t mean just the drums… it feels like every music starts pretty much the same and then half way or in the end they mix it up a bit for freshness, don’t get me wrong i liked Beneath The Massacre, but probably this one is mostly for death fans and not so much music fan.

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Beneath The Massacre – Societys Disposable Son

Beneath The Massacre – The Systems Failure

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