Besatt – Sacrifice for Satan

Definitely not inexperienced as far as Black Metal is concerned, Polish Besatt, who have been brought to life in 1991, bring forth their fourth album, titled Sacrifice for Satan. Treading the old Bathory path, with a couple of influences from early German Thrash Metal, and capitalising from a strong (not at all unheard of) antichristian feature, Fulmineus, Beldaroth and Agonus unload all their hatred in eight hymns to Darkness, punctuated by the common places of the genre.

Sacrifice for Satan begins with a Latin invocation (Gloria Causa Satani) and the full black and white layout adds to the atmosphere, bearing in mind the fact that the pictures include corpsepaint. Recorded at Cyber Studios, Poland, during January 2004, the result is an amalgamate of obscure melodies with hypnotizing rhythms, not necessarily raw and with the addition of a significant amount of atmospheric passages. All things considered, even though Besatt do not score on the originality or innovation department, they sum up rather nicely the trademark features of obscurer Black Metal.

The promo package includes a multimedia section where, amongst others, we are given the opportunity to watch a videoclip to the song Kingdom of Hatred, illustrating Death and Hatred towards Christian ideology and belief by means of the widely used concept of Christ carrying the cross. This Christ figure is, however, quite peculiar, for he does have a beer belly. And so is the image of Death, the Grim Reaper, with a nice goatee. Oh the sweet scent of modernity…

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Besatt – Time For Gathering

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