Cannibal Corpse – Kill

First of all, Cannibal Corpse, alongside with Morbid Angel, set most of the rules for Death Metal. I think that every Death Metal fan should know CC’s work because of that. Even if you don’t like them, at least try to listen to the records on an educational basis.

Over the years they evolved, but manage to keep the CC sound intact, even with several line-up changes… guitar, vocals, drums.
With “Bloodthirst” they established a more heavy, low tuned, complex and brutal sound (already explored in “Gallery Of Suicide” but, for me, “Bloodthirst” is more representative). But since then that they didn’t evolved or did anything different ( in my opinion ) just the same kind of playing over and over. I mean… We have “Bloodthirst”. “Gore Obsessed” sounds like “Bloodthirst”; “The Wretched Spawn” sounds like “Gore Obsessed”; and now “Kill” sounds like “The Wretched Spawn”.

I’m so tired of this CC sound that all songs seem alike. Cannibal Corpse stated: “As for the new album, we are doing everything we can to make sure it’s the heaviest, most brutal one we’ve ever made”. Well, congrats. It’s the heaviest brutal album you ever made. For me it’s the worst album to date. We can hear it ten times in a row and… Nothing happens. I was like -“OK, the songs might be pretty technical and confusing, so I’ll give it another try”; -“Ohh one more play and nothing… hmmm let’s hear it again. I’m sure some song might be cool”; -“Crap, not even one song! One more time and that’s it!”; “I can’t believe it! Maybe the CD is scratched. Hmm no… The CD is good. I’ll play it again, just in case”; -“Shit, god damn it! In thirteen songs you couldn’t do one good song?!”.
This time I can’t even pick three or four great songs. It’s all so banal and repetitive. A+ for the last song “Infinite Misery”. It’s the only cool song for me. Ironically is the slowest and the most basic song. And that says allot.

Cannibal Corpse has come to a level where they think that having great musicians is enough to do a great record. Well, this might came as a shock, but no. Not all the crap that you (CC) write is good you know. Doesn’t matter if it’s the most difficult riff ever or if it’s the craziest pattern human can create. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

Cannibal Corpse – Make Them Suffer

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