Coprofago – Unorthodox Creative Criteria

So I decided to review Coprofago latest work. My first contact with Coprofago was with the “Genesis” album. I didn’t like it at all. It was a major Meshuggah rip-off. I mean, even the vocals sound exactly like Jens Kidman. Not similar. Exactly the same. They had some ideas but 97% was all Meshuggah.

So let’s see what Coprofago did on “Unorthodox Creative Criteria”.
God damn! You didn’t? No… I must be… oh… No.
This is “Destroy Erase Improve” all over the place. Why oh why. I can’t believe this shit. I would expect you guys would stop ripping-off Meshuggah and start to have your own stuff but nooooo, you had to rip-off Meshuggah once again. This time even more perfectly, since the production is better and the vocals are even more Jens Kidman alike. I could swear that this was Jens Kidman singing. I had to triple check the credits. Twilight zone if you ask me.

OK. I have to be honest. It’s not all Meshuggah. We have thirteen songs. Some of them are like Extol and we still have room for some experimentalism, to bad that they are Allan Holdsworth all over the place. Surprise surprise Allan Holdsworth is the major influence of Fredrik Thordendal [Meshuggah’s guitar player].

This album has a lot of work, I had to admit it. But… Man, this is identical…
I’ll try to describe the album anyway.

First track is “Crippled Tracker”. Meshuggah all the way. Vocals start and, is this Jens Kidman or what? You’ll have the chance to compare them.

“The Inborn Mechanics”. This is a major rip-off of Meshuggah’s style and I can compare it with one particular Meshuggah song. Check this out: Transfixion
The middle part even has that jazzy [Meshuggah riped-off Allan Holdsworth, and Coprofago ripped both of them] clean parts. That arpeggio chords are so unique.

“Neutralized” is different. Less Meshuggah. More Extol tough [older Extol, not the new pussy Extol]. I have to state that the solos are identical to the ones Fredrik plays also. Bet you didn’t see that one coming -_-

“Merge Into” is an interlude. Allan Holdsworth all the way. Just in case your are thinking I’m crazy check this out: Allan Holdsworth

Next in line is “Fractures”. This is a two minute track. Kind of different. Probably the only not “a major rip-off track” in the record. Weird track nevertheless.

Almost half the record is gone and it’s time for more Meshuggah!!! Shit, I meant Coprofago.
With “Hostile Silent Raptures” we have another element of the Meshuggah style. Yes, the three man singing chorus. End section has a Fredrik alike solo and whatever. This is just absurd.

“Isolated Through Multiplicity” is another Allan track. This guys are great musicians with great technique, no doubt about that. To bad they record this massive rip-offs.

At this point the album becomes a little boring. Not compact at all. Scattered songs with no flow. One Meshuggah track, one Allan Holdsworth track, one violin with synths track [“Glimpses”], another Meshuggah track [“Constriction”] and the album finishes up with two seven minute tracks. “Motion” and “Wavelength”.

What can I say. Very disappointing record. I tough they would improve but, instead they sticked with the Meshuggah rip-off songwriting. Personally I have no interest in this kind of bands. I stick with the original stuff. I stick with MESHUGGAH.

Coprofago – The Inborn Mechanics

Coprofago – Isolated Through Multiplicity

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  1. I don’t have the same opinion, i think although not very original, it’s a good effort and has some good tracks in it, sure it plays and sounds very much like “DEI”, but it still has some merits, well then again “DEI” is one of my favorites heheheeh

  2. No way man. No merit at all. It’s probably the “best” rip-off in history. What merit does it have pretending their Meshuggah. I’ve heard some other bands that rip-off Meshuggah [Textures, By Night] but they have some different influences all mixed together and at least the vocals do not seem like a Jens Kidman clone.
    Check this out: while you’re listening to clone bands, you could be listening to some other great bands.

  3. men shut up¡¡¡ this is not meshugah or allan holdsworth songs, coprofago is a evolution of this elements is more than a simple fusion , their sound covers elements of classical contemporary music (not a simple violin arrange ), brass free jazz arrangements , fusion , death metal, i never heard gutural voice in a fusion style solos is really new,
    now i heard 1000 power metal bands whit the same sound and metalcore bands anf black etc etc, coprofago have new sound ,
    and you just criticize without offering anything

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