Crotchduster – Big Fat Box of Shit

The name CROTCHDUSTER might surely trigger opposite reactions, depending on the musical inclination, the state of mind, amongst millions of other factors. For some, it might imply absolute grind – when nothing could be further from the truth. CROTCHDUSTER is a gem that means humor, sarcasm, good musicianship, excellent concept and is also an excellent means to sum up in one CD virtually every musical style you can think of.

Conceived and bred by the malignant mind of Jason Suecof (CAPHARNAUM), CROTCHDUSTER come up with a rare set of songs, also spasm-inducing for the weak-minded, as well as for the less attentive ones. The first song, True Nature of Williams, is an amalgamate of completely different sounds, and the parodying intention is immediately noticeable. The target is, of course, bands and songs of all genres, be it metal, pop or whatever. The moment I heard the first few seconds, I immediately wondered whether the right CD was in my stereo, and yes, it was. Even though CROTCHDUSTER did not at all seem like a band given to slow music, pop or semi-pop, that is exactly what you get from the first song. Add a unique impression of Holy Wars (MEGADETH), early SEPULTURA and BEE GEES with a Mask-like soundtrack, and your next step is Big Top Williams. It is inevitable to get into the spirit of the song and the band. Once there, there is no way in hell you can stop listening to Big Fat Box of Shit.

The most significant and perhaps the most representative song of the band is undoubtedly Mammal Sauce, a hilarious hymn to a substance who ingredients only Bill Williams (band member) and people from another dimension seem to know. The upsurge of Chinese diarrhea, in a THERION-like environment, followed by really squeaky and miserably frustrated power metal-like vocals carry on the concept behind Big Fat Box of Shit: to mock uncontrollably. Fornicus “Fuckmouth” McFlappy and Slippery Jim are supervised by their faithful producer and composer, a dog by the name of Cain, who may have been part of the inspiration for the Cher-like vocal effects. In all fairness, the vocals are just great and extremely versatile, regardless of genre. Now picture Barney – that mythical Simpsons character, singing the chorus a la Cher. The Mike Patton/ MR. BUNGLE influence stands out rather prominently, so if you are into both, you will probably also appreciate CROTCHDUSTER. And in the band’s own words: If you don’t like Mammal Sauce, you might as well be gay!

The image department also reflects the parody, and we are given certain Beavis & Butthead-like characters under an Africanised perspective, as well as some other hallucinogen-induced creatures. The booklet includes lyrics, product of a brilliant evil mind, centered on the spiritual, carnal and sensual world of Williamburgsland.

An album to watch out for, for the straight-forwardness and daring spirit, one of those truly unexpected moments which leave a sour taste in your mouth when a growl and grunt session is expected and, instead, we get to hear weird versions of some crazy old metal classics followed by BEE GEES or BLUR-inspired music and other related squeaks. Even though this may not be the usual 24/ 7 type of album, you might as well become severely addicted, for this is simultaneously one of the most original, uncompromised, satirical, competent and audible albums I have had the pleasure of listening to over the last few years. Ad as if all of the above were not enough, the album features special guests Richard Christy, James Murphy and John Tardy.

Big Fat Box of Shit finishes off with the band members reading aloud some hate mail and providing the writers with hilarious replies (Cain’s reply is naturally verbalized by fellow band members). Towards the end, we are also told of the latest Black Metal band, Hellspawned Warhammer of the Nordic Wind. Do not miss this album – buy it now!

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