Damnation – Ressurection of Azarath

All hell breaks loose especially since DAMNATION saw Resurrection of Azarath released, a compilation and celebration of the good old DAMNATION times. There are no new tracks here, only a selection of past hymns, as well as some rare and previously unreleased songs. The sources vary from previous demos to full-lengths, including two bonus cover versions of KING DIAMOND’s Mansion in Darkness and MORBID ANGEL’s Bleed for the Devil.

Highlights of the album are without the shadow of a doubt Rebel Souls and Coronation. Resurrection of Azarath is thus an excellent means to revive glorious moments of the DAMNATION era, as well as grasp the very rare tracks of Promo 1998. Ogverall, I found the compilation CD rather attractive and musically worthwhile, were DAMNATION not one of the milestones of the Polish scene. Now it is off to a new album!

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