Darkane – Layers Of Lies

Darkane are back, and when i say back, i say BACK, yeah new album, first of all Darkane is no new kid on the block, they are the block, pounding your face all day long, their innovative technical thrash meets melodic death his back, after 4 albums things are looking up.

The thing that i like with Darkane is their combination of brutality without the need for growling “you will never know what i’m saying” vocals, that and the rest of band playing a skilled technical death metal/thrash just brings tears to my eyes, well what can i say about Layers of Lies, well the album is more tight and catchy as ever.

Now the Album starts with “Secondary Effects”, i always enjoy a band that starts with a song that shows how the rest of the album will be, in this case very good, it has everything, thrashing, excellent drum fills, growing to the half metal/half melodic chorus, really nice work here, and this is only the first song, the album piles, other favorites, like “Organic Canvas” with its guitar solo with hints of Meshuggah’like stop go (i have a radar just for that, hahaha), “Fading Dimensions” (very similar to “Secondary Effects”), the very catchy title track “Layers Of Lies”, well almost all of them are just catchy or just a brutal, also you get a full instrumental on “Maelstrom Crisis”, until we get to the final track and my personal favorite “The Creation Insane”, nothing like going out with a BANG.

Well it always difficult to judge, i think this album is great, one of the best from Darkane, but i think they could have done it a little better, some times you can see that they went through the path of least resistance, instead of blasting their way, they seem to let the song die, it’s not on all of them, but for me a couple could be a bit better more brutal, is this bad? well its a matter of opinion, but nevertheless excellent album and a joy to ear, and ear again, and again, and so on.

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Darkane – Layers of Lies

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  1. Very nice album. I prefer the more complex stuff of the past but Darkane fans won’t dislike it for sure.

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